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A Few Thoughts on Herman Cain

I’ve been watching Herman Cain for the last few days, trying to decide if/when he will crash and burn like Trump and Bachmann. What part will he play in this election? Just another washout like Santorum? A fake candidacy like Gingrich? A skyrocket like Bachmann, soaring and bursting?

I’ve decided that his role will be Vice Presidential Nominee and official GOP attack dog.

If you are trying to make the case that a sitting President should not be re-elected, you have to say some bad things about him. Today’s statement from Cain is that Obama is “not black enough”.  If one of the other candidates were to say this, the discussion would be about whether it was racist to ask. Since it is Cain saying it, the discussion is about the statement itself. Cain is the only candidate they have that can do this sort of thing. Traditionally, the vice-presidential candidate gets to be the attack dog.

So rather than running for the top slot, which the Republican party isn’t ready for, Cain is introducing himself to Republican voters and removing negative impressions rather than trying to win primary votes. When the eventual presidential nominee is chosen, s/he gets to pick the VP without further voting. Cain may be popular enough at that point to not be too much of a shock to the neo-Confederates.

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