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Washington Bubblenomics

There are a lot of people that were part of the Democratic Party’s former coalition out protesting and involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement such as Unions and laid off teachers and public sector employees as well as recently graduated educated young people. Yet my Democratic Party senator is out touting a new corporate tax holiday to “create jobs” that has a dismal record in doing so in past experience and contributes to future debt (which will be blamed on “big government spending”). The Washington bubble seems impenetrable and the bubble around the party keeps them out of the loop of trends they could benefit from like welcoming back instead of abandoning its former coalition. Maybe they could do what Keith Olbermann suggested recently and “touch it” to see what it is made of instead of chasing mythical Reagan independents. It’s time to choose a side. In the meantime, we will out wait you.

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Michael Monk

Michael Monk