This is a very brief clip of one of the security guards pepper spraying protestors at the Air & Space Museum on Saturday during the October2011/Occupy DC joint rally.

I’ve slowed it down to about 1/10 speed and highlighted the guard and his targets.  You can see him spray the man in the straw hat just as the camera clears the sign, and then turn the spray can on the man in the ballcap. The woman in white also appears to be hit by the spray (you can see her in 5 or 6 of the frames.)

I didn’t get on the scene until about 30 seconds after the altercation began, so I only have this brief shot of the actual pepper spraying.

There’s more video to come: interviews with a number of protestors that got sprayed or detained, with the organizer and with legal counsel. There too much video to just dump the raw footage up here – there will be an edited version as soon as I can get to it.

I just wanted to get this up here for you all to see.