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John Demjanjuk out on appeal: Lipstadt and others declare evidence-free conviction unprecedented

John Demjanjuk, the retired auto worker from Detroit, has been let out of prison on appeal. 

At the same time, holocaust boosters Deborah Lipstadt and Elie Wiesel joyously declared that his basically evidence free conviction is unprecedented and opens the door to more prosecutions of supposed Nazi era criminals.

This morning NPR, true to its nature, interviewed Lipstadt as the sole expert to explicate the state of things regarding Demjanjuk and supposed Nazi era criminals. This, despite the well documented, truly sleazy history behind what was done to Demjanjuk by Israelis and the U.S.’ Office of Special Investigations(OSI) back in the 1970s and 1980s.

Apparently it will never end for Demjanjuk, now in his 90s, until he dies. In his book called “Defending Ivan the Terrible,” Israeli attorney Yoram Sheftel, who defended Demjanjuk back then, competely exposed his prosecution and near execution as a huge injustice.

Sheftel called his conviction last May by a German court “distorted and unreal.”

“There was a shameful farce here,” Sheftel is quoted as saying. “Certainly the German court did not believe its own ruling.”

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