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Late Night FDL: Which Causes the Most Harm to the Most People?

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You might have noticed this past week that the Department of Justice has seemingly declared war on Medical Marijuana dispensaries. The first salvo was probably at the end of September when the ATF issued a statement that it is illegal for medical marijuana users to use firearms. Since then, the four California US Attorneys have declared that California Medical Marijuana dispensaries have to close within 45 days:

U.S. attorneys in California are threatening to seize the properties of landlords leasing space to marijuana dispensaries, signaling a concerted push to rein in the state’s burgeoning medical pot trade.

Letters sent in recent days to targeted dispensaries in San Diego, San Francisco, Marin and the federal district that includes Sacramento demand that operators or property owners halt marijuana sales within 45 days.

In Colorado, the Denver Post reported that Colorado banks will no longer work with marijuana dispensaries for fear of facing federal charges and the IRS has ruled that dispensaries are not eligible for standard business deductions and owe millions in back taxes.

Last night, Jeff Kaye had this post where he wonders if the crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries is to distract from the fall out of the “Fast and Furious” ATF scandal. My personal belief is they are going after the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries because they are “easy wins.”

Back in the mid/late ’90s, I spent Thanksgiving one year with one of my first cousins and his family. We were sitting around before the meal talking about this and that, when the cousin’s oldest son asked why it was that the cops would pull him over just for a having a “Phish” sticker on his car. His father and I looked at each other and laughed and I told him, “You’re a freebie. He’s lazy and wants an easy bust so thinks the Phish sticker is a tell. It’s today’s Grateful Dead sticker.”

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are the freebie. Even though closing them will have a negative effect on crime, lazy prosecutors are going after what can best be described as low-hanging fruit.

This was also the week where President Obama decided to declare the banksters were just abusing the system and not really breaking any laws. I guess his Magic 8 Ball must have told him this was so as I don’t recall hearing of the DoJ actually doing any criminal investigations, even when folks such as masaccio and Cynthia Kouril have pretty much laid out the prosecution case in a number of posts on Foreclosure Fraud the past few years. The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s report also offered prosecutors a nice map of areas where criminal investigations might lead to prosecutions as did Senator Levin.

The problem is, these types of investigations and charges require hard work against deep pocketed defendants with no guarantees of convictions. On the other hand, even though Medical Marijuana Dispensaries may be fully compliant with the various state laws they operate under, they are easy targets for the DoJ looking for scores rather than going after the criminals who have caused the most harm to the country.

I won’t hold my breath for the DoJ and President Obama to actually go after the major class of criminals who are still trying to hold the world economy hostage, but I do know that the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries have done very little harm to most people. Unlike the WATB banksters.

And the video is because I can.

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