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Weather Alert for the Occupations

Tens of thousands of American citizens are peacefully opposing the theft of the democratic process as it now stands !  In the city nearest me , Portland Oregon, thousands are on the streets to express their outrage and to be part of a movement which is now sweeping the country, coast to coast , and that is very encouraging . There is a danger here however of the movement running out of steam within the next several weeks and about this I wish to interject my two cents .

Not only is it hard to sustain something as it approaches a zenith but there remains another more obvious problem , the weather ! This event is now entering it’s third week and has been successful beyond most of our wildest dreams in gaining traction among the American populace , how many weeks shall we attempt to sustain such numbers before natural entropy slips in and the numbers begin to dwindle based on the inevitable burnout ? The weather in the northern tier of the US will turn sour within weeks as well and as a result  those crowds actively participating will dwindle despite their best intentions , this is obvious.

Equally obvious is that the next step is an escalation away from what is largely a  symbolic protest towards a real demonstration of political power .  This should be done is such a way as not to endanger the people who are now under the yoke of credit debt OR the system on which they depend. A show of force nationwide which brings the majority into the fray and out of the weather will be necessary in order to move forward rather than see the momentum diminished .

We should advocate and plan a late day to work for the US population say a couple of hours on a specific day collectively!  This could be done repeatedly if necessary, augmenting the time off with each cycle, thereby threatening a general strike without necessarily having to conduct one . This is a gentle way of threatening the PTB , better than casting a vote ,giving all involved an opportunity to reflect realistically on who holds the real power in a democracy . It is highly unlikely that anyone will lose their job or home because of tardiness and yet provide a very real vehicle for entire citizenry to participate even if they are not in NYC or DC, whatever the weather ! Without this next step I can see no way to maintain the momentum with the coming of winter .

There is a deadline, winter weather , to the enactment of such a strategy and  maintaining this momentum . It may be difficult to re created  after a few months down time under better conditions .

The time is now .

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