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The Ultimate Irony of Arresting OccupySac Protesters in Cesar Chavez Park

Look at the background in the upper right on the screengrab … Sacramento’s Tower Bridge

I don’t know a lot about Cesar Chavez (too young) but what I do know is that he was a civil rights and labor rights organizer and leader. And for the City of Sacramento to turn against his tireless legacy of working and speaking for the common average person who has legitimate concerns and grievances over how this country, state, and city are run is the ultimate irony. To arrest people joining together to give voice to political speech against economic injustices would be unconscionable to those who founded this country — and no, I don’t mean the ones you’re thinking of — I mean these onesreally

If this behavior continues, the city needs to rename the park something along the lines of Sacramento’s Un-Free Speech and Un-Peaceably Assemble Park i.e. Sacramento’s Fascist Park

The people in that park are the essence and legacy of those who made this country great. And I say this again: These are families with tents. These are normal average ordinary people who see wrongs that need to be righted. Who see suffering and try to heal it. People who asked for change and are still waiting

Shame on Sacramento. Shame.

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john in sacramento

john in sacramento