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Occupy Austin Draws 1,300; Protest Continues Today

Occupy Austin (by traxus4420)

I’m headed down to join Occupy Austin in a few hours. The protest was very well attended yesterday and the media coverage was extremely positive, despite the fact that the crowd was filled with a bunch of lazy, entitled, dope-smoking college drop-outs like these.

John Buhler , a former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant and Iraq War veteran, showed up in his full dress uniform. He said that he was inspired by members of the military who stepped between protesters and police in New York.

“Reform and change in our financial system has to happen for us to maintain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” said Buhler, now an Austin Community College student.

Others had grievances with specific companies.

Bill Edwards , an 80-year-old retired military veteran, carried a sign denouncing Bank of America, which he called “a parasitic organization.” He said he was also angry with the influence of large banks and corporations in politics.

If citizens are constantly kept down, “you could have a revolution,” Edwards said.

These are just a few of the people the National Review called “juvenile rabble.

See you at City Hall.

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