Nobel Peace Prize to Tawakul Karman for Resisting Obama-Saleh Massacres of Peaceful Protesters, Premeditated Murders & Democracy Suppression — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


This morning in Oslo, in a show of solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, and a direct slap in the face of the Obama Administration, the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded the world’s top honor to Tawakul Karman for opposing President Obama’s:

  • ~~Massacres of Peaceful Protesters in Yemen and Bahrain;
  • ~~Premeditated Murder Program, carried out by Obama Death Squads (ODS) in Yemen, Bahrain, Honduras, Mexico, Pakistan, India, and elsewhere;
  • ~~Coward Drone Program, in which cowards in the US Military remotely Murder innocent children in nearly every Muslim nation in the world;
  • ~~Parking the US 5th Fleet war machine in Bahrain, thus supporting Slavery (56% of people in Bahrain are non-citizen Slaves) and Repression there;
  • ~~Cruel and criminal wavier of the Child Soldier Law in Yemen and elsewhere (President Obama continues to claim that using child soldiers is “in our National Interest”);
  • ~~Taking of Political Prisoners;
  • ~~Suppression of Freedom of the Press;
  • ~~Suppression of Democracy.

Tawakul Karman is a Journalist, and the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Besides his Murders, she has long campaigned against President Obama’s taking of Political Prisoners, and against his attacks on Press Freedom in Yemen. Indeed, Karman herself was one of those Political Prisoners taken by President Obama’s Fascist forces in Yemen.

Two Liberian women share the Prize with her. A year ago, I urged the Nobel Committee to take action to draw attention to Obama’s massacres and Democracy Suppression in Yemen. One obvious aim of today’s award is to humiliate President Obama into ending his Atrocities against Yemeni civilians.

I have been writing about the Obama Administration’s War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in Yemen and Bahrain here at FireDogLake for a long time. I usually get very little reaction or support. Today I feel vindicated and triumphant.

In Yemen, Obama’s Atrocities are carried out by the Government of his puppet Ali Abdullah Saleh. In Bahrain, the US puppet Royal Family owns more than one million slaves and brutalizes Shiites and Health Care Workers for the US.

The Nobel Prize Committee released the news when it can actually do the most good: Right now, over two million peaceful protesters are demonstrating in the street in Yemen, Mosaic reports today (on LinkTV).

Usually, when protesters march peacefully in Yemen, snipers trained by the US CIA massacre demonstrators, Murdering scores of them. The Yemeni Obama Death Squad (ODS) has done this several times, but Yemen has not had an assembly of millions like this before.

The ODS Murdered seven peaceful protesters in Tawakul Karman’s hometown Taiz two days ago, setting off the largest demonstration in the history of Yemen.

If Obama orders or allows the massacre of millions or thousands of Yemenis, if he condones another Mass Murder in our names, “in our National Interest,” as the President puts it, we must hold him accountable. Premeditated Murder is a crime. It is not alright. Even for a Democrat.

(Below are some of my previous posts opposing those same practices for which Tawakul Karman’s opposition today won her the Nobel Peace Prize, plus some items from the FireDogLake news department, and from FDL’s Siun about the Bahrain situation, and others from FDL’s fairleft and emptywheel.)



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