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Livestream: #OccupyDC Marches to State Department to Join Keystone XL Pipeline Hearing Protesters

FDL’s Kevin Gosztola, Jon Walker and Ryan Cook will be livestreaming the #OccupyDC march from Freedom Plaza to the State Department today starting at 12:50 pm.  The protesters plan to join the Keystone XL pipeline protesters for the final public hearing on the matter before deciding whether to allow construction to proceed.  I’ll be liveblogging the protest here.

Opposition to the pipeline is trans-partisan. Nebraska ranchers are being threatened with eminent domain seizure of their land by TransCanada, a foreign corporation. Meanwhile, the State Department has “farmed out critical agency functions regarding the environmental review to a private contractor that also contracts with TransCanada” as Scarecrow reported last week.

2:26: Kevin, Ryan and Jon going back to the Reagan building where hearings should be concluding.

2:21: Marchers were mis-directed past the State Department hearing to the Martin Luther King memorial, so people don’t know why they’re there and seem confused about what they’re doing.

1:53: A good contingent of people from Wisconsin here for the march.

1:38: Per Scarecrow, photo of the sleep-in at the State Department taken earlier.

1:35: Hundreds of #OccupyDC protesters with drums and banners heading for State Department hearing. Signs indicate the protesters are well aware this is Obama’s/Clinton’s decision and theirs alone.

1:31: Banner: “Obama: Yes You Can” (stop the Keystone XL pipeline).

1:21: Hearing goes until 2pm at the Reagan Building, according to people scheduled to testify.

1:14: The Energy Action Coalition held a sleep-over at the State Department that began last night at 8pm. They carried a giant mock pipeline to the State Department.

1:09: #OccupyDC Protesters at Freedom Plaza begin march to State Department.

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