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If You’re Trying to Co-Opt “OWS” — Read This Sign

This photo perfectly expresses my feelings (with one exception–I would have used the expression “Back Off” in place of “F*** Off”) in regard to the blatant efforts of many progressive organizations to co-opt the OWS movement.

Too close of an alliance with the Democratic Party, or any of its apparatchiks, has the very real potential of destroying the movement. I hope that the OWS organizers realize this before it’s too late.

P.S. Looks like this post was too late. Per FDL’s Kevin Gosztola’s “Live Blog of . . . Day 21, Evening in Freedom Plaza,” Van Jones took his “Rebuild the American Dream” movement to OWS NYC tonight. As I’m sure most of you know, he and MoveOn are “joined at the hip” in this phony grass roots movement.

If you’re concerned about this turn of events, I hope you’ll use the social media of your choice to encourage the legitimate OWS organizers to resist any and all efforts to be co-opted by unions, civic organizations, political parties, and/or politicians of all stripes.

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