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The World According to TARP

Problem solved!

Here I was fretting over the world economy, thinking that Europe would be the detonator that sent the whole enchilada kablooie, when that good old American ingenuity comes to the rescue. The United States used to export freedom, democracy, free enterprise. Now it exports TARP.

The IMF, the World Bank and the other Global Financial Elite institutions have decreed that Europe must bail out its banks like the United States did. The GFE demands that the People of Europe absorb the losses incurred by the European banksters in their reckless greedy quest for easy money.

At least the Global Financial Elite has come out of the shadows. For too long, the GFE has hung back manipulating, threatening, cajoling, and blackmailing all who stand in the way of their Shock Troops. That is how the GFE likes it; they pretend to be Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand. But the pretense is collapsing, as the European elected have been unable or unwilling to execute the massive theft of public and middle class wealth that the GFE secretly demands.

With their front men failing, the GFE is taking center stage. Like the curtain opening to reveal the Wizard pulling the strings in Oz, we now see just who runs the world. It isn’t nations, great or small. It isn’t democratically elected leaders. It certainly isn’t the people. It is the Global Financial Elite. And today the GFE is meeting with Europe’s power brokers and will lay down the law: the European Middle Class will eat the banks’ losses, just as the American Middle Class was required to do for Wall Street. Ignoring the fact that the American TARP didn’t solve our problems, just shifted them, postponed them, and allowed them to metastasize, the GFE now turns its guns on the European People.

Will the European People follow the orders of the GFE? Will the European Middle Class jump off the bridge because the Global Financial Elite orders them to? Or will the European People use the lessons from the American TARP to reject the GFE’s demands?

We’ll see.



President Barack Obama addresses the audience at Penn State. (Penn State on Flickr)
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