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The Perfect Storm

Obama’s Jobs Act is chump change and won’t begin to do what’s necessary as an absolute minimum, which is to zero out unemployment, provide socialized medicine, good housing , free education all the way and a guaranteed income at high trade union levels for every worker, adult student, single head of household and retired worker.

Obama’s proposal is an indecent attempt to make us forget that he and the Democrats are to the right of Nixon when it comes to slowing the deepening depression. In fact, they’re worse than Republicans because they’re the party in power (for awhile). They’ve done incalculable damage and here’s the evidence of their criminality – 25 million workers are underemployed or unemployed and one in six in the working class live in poverty.

Both parties have been piling felony on felony for better than 35 years..

Carter began the deregulation frenzy with rail transportation and communications (Ma Bell) that cost workers hundreds of thousands of good union jobs.

Reagan upped the ante and began busting unions.

Bush1  fought for NAFTA and other union busting laws.

Clinton signed NAFTA and more jobs were exported.

Clinton promoted and signed the Republican deregulation bill, unleashing predatory banksters who created the housing bubble that burst and created today’s Depression.

Clinton slashed welfare and other social programs and hired over a hundred thousand new cops in case people fought back. (Clinton also gave us DADT and DOMA.)

Bush2  made it worse with tax cuts for the rich which, along with his wars, created a deficit they now use to justify wiping out social programs.

Obama and his Democrat, Republican and Teabagger allies in Congress presided over programs that gave the rich over $2 trillion dollars in gifts and bailouts. At the same time they imposed austerity on working people, began the current union busting frenzy and set aside chump change – $80 billion – for unemployment and other benefits.

Biden pushed the banksters bankruptcy bill as a gift to Bank of American and other criminal organizations.

Both parties are led by right centrists, political prostitutes who owe their careers and fortunes to the rich. Working together they stole trillions by profit gouging and wage cutting, dodged taxes, and created massive, long term unemployment and poverty. Those are crimes and they’re criminals who deserve harsh punishment beginning with the expropriation of their wealth and draconian jail time.

Democrats are hoping to co-opt the mass movement that began at Madison and which is again drawing in unions and thousands of youth around the country. The entry of unions into this latest battle is key because organized workers are the heavy infantry of social change. Democrats might as well just not bother. These movements represent a new polarizing and determined element in the fight. They’re young,  highly class conscious and except for liberals aren’t likely to be easily misled. Democrats will do what they can to corrupt these movements, claim they’re part of them and hope that this new radicalization will just blow over.

It won’t.

It may take a few years to build up steam but for capitalism and it’s DC political prostitutes, this is the perfect storm. And it’s just beginning.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue

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