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#Occupy Portland: Pictures from Our March (1)

Working Class: Let's Take Back Our Lives

News media in Portland report 4,000 to 5,000 people marched from the waterfront, through Old Town, up Burnside to Broadway, to Pioneer Courthouse Square and thence to Chapman Square in the heart of Portland’s financial district. Some Occupiers are still in place there; others are returning to the waterfront for a long occupation. Portland police bureau spokespersons are quoted on the local news saying they “won’t draw any lines in the sand” with regard to no-camping regulations that begin at midnight.

No arrests.

No property damage.

No confrontations with police.

Some crowd shots and pictures of creative signs….

(Please also see Cocktailhag’s great diary here.)

Sympathetic wage slaves wave to Occupiers and toss celebratory Post-Its

"I am food-insecure and Both of my Parents are Hardworking and College-Educated"

Turn Off Your TV America -- Think For Yourself

Corps Are Not People Until Rick Perry Executes One

Monopoly Millionaire Man Demonstrates Against America's Billionaires

Crowd Shot of Portland General Assembly, South from Saturday Market Down Waterfront

Corps are NOT people until Rick Perry Executes One


Crowd Shot of Portland General Assembly, 10/6/11

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge