Occupy LA Day 6: March and More

First off: No one from Occupy Los Angeles was arrested in Thursday’s Make Banks Pay protest. Occupy LA marched in support; however this was not an Occupy LA event.

At noon there was a demonstration for Make the Banks Pay. Some members of Occupy LA joined members of  Service Employees International Union, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and ReFund California in march through downtown to the Bank of American offices. About 500 people total marched, and some sat down in the lobby of the bank’s building at Seventh and Figueroa, refusing to leave.

Ten people were arrested in the bank’s lobby. These were citizen’s arrests made for trespassing, and the arrestees had planned to be arrested. The LAPD led the arrested protesters from outside the building while the marchers watched. None of those arrested were affiliated with Occupy LA.

From the start, Occupy LA has made it clear they are a peaceful protest and are maintaining that.

The big news from the camp today is that actress Roseanna Arquette stopped by unexpectedly to lend her support, summing up her feelings by saying:

Greed is not the American way.

The tents have moved to the south lawn, where are about 300 set up. The area is almost full; day visitors are welcomed, and there will be a rally on Saturday at 5pm with special guests, followed by a General Assembly.

KPKF has been broadcasting live all day Thursday, and Wednesday night LA’s local FOX affiliate did a positive report from Occupy LA on their late night news. Of course today, Fox’s report was headlined

Occupy LA Targets Banks

But that’s just how they roll. Spirits are good, and so is the food. However, the media departments video microphones have “disappeared,” permanently it seems. If you can help out with replacements or donations, it’d be much appreciated.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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