"Creepy Clarence and Mrs. Ginni T are in big trouble now" (photo courtesy of Jim White)

Pouting Baby is talking to us again. — JW

I know I’ve talked about Creepy Clarence and Mrs. Ginni T a lot. I asked why Mrs. Ginni T made mean phone calls to Professor Hill. Then I asked why Creepy Clarence is allowed to lie. After that, I asked why Bow Tie Boy hired Mrs. Ginni T. Tonight I want to get back to Creepy Clarence’s lies, because now Common Bob and his friends have found out that Creepy Clarence’s lies are even bigger than we first thought.

Back when I first talked about Creepy Clarence’s lies, Common Bob’s friends told us how Mrs. Ginni T. made lots of money from mean people and Creepy Clarence lied about her getting the money. He said she didn’t earn any money. At that time, we thought that the lie was about $700,000 Mrs. Ginni T. made over a period of six years. Now, it turns out that Creepy Clarence first started lying about Mrs. Ginni T’s job in 1997 and kept lying all the way through 2009. Common Bob’s friends have found that Mrs. Ginni T. made at least $1.6 million during that time.

What’s worse is that when Creepy Clarence first tried to fix the reports where he lied, he tried to claim that he didn’t understand the instructions on the forms. Now we know that from at least 1991 through 1996, Creepy Clarence properly reported Mrs. Ginni T’s job on the same forms that he forgot how to fill out in 1997. Over $1 million of the money Creepy Clarence lied about came from the mean people at Heritage Foundation, where they try to make sure rich people get richer and we fight more wars.

Now Common Bob’s friends want our lawmakers to make Creepy Clarence explain why he lied. If Creepy Clarence keeps on lying, some people think the lawmakers could make Creepy Clarence stop being an important judge. Not everyone, especially Mr. Bmaz, thinks that could happen, though. I hope Mr. Bmaz is wrong and we can get a better important judge than Creepy Clarence. Someone who lies about money shouldn’t be allowed to be an important judge.

Jim White

Jim White

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