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Hannity Flip Flops After Finding Common Ground With #OWS Protesters

Discussing #OccupyWallStreet, Hannity asked an arrested protester Thursday if he opposes Obama allowing access to major campaign bundlers in apparent exchange for a sweetheart federal contract in the Solyndra scandal.

The caller said he did oppose Obama and the “incestuous relationship” between government and their contributors. When donors fund a political campaign, they force the politician to repay the favor. The caller shared an analogy, saying his parents got him his first car, but then forced him to buy groceries with it every week.

Hannity agreed, saying “perfect!” and remarked “you have made the most sense out of any of the protesters we’ve spoken to” (Hannity spent the week playing clips of the least articulate #ows protesters he could find). The caller told Hannity there were many anti-Obama protesters in the crowd, including Republicans.

After finding out the caller was a transgender person, Hannity told him “you seem like a nice guy”.

Hannity later asked “Grim”, a different #ows protester, if she opposed Obama’s apparent pay-for-play in the Solyndra scandal. She admitted both parties and “all politicians” were part of a broken, corrupt system, acknowledging she opposed Obama on the point.

Hearing from another protester that the #ows movement was equally critical of Obama as “corporatist” Republicans, what came next showed a sad side of Hannity’s job – having to contradict yourself in front of the whole world when your boss sends in new talking points.

Stuart Varney Contradicts Hannity With Fiery Anti-Obama Talking Points – So Hannity Agrees
Describing the Obama speech today, Fox’s Stuart Varney brought in some fresh propaganda, saying Obama “associated very closely” with #ows, trying to “co-opt” them and “reach out” and “almost lead them” as he “converted those protesters on Wall Street into his own shock troops”.

Varney also said the protesters were “dissidents”, “clowns”, “ne’er do wells” and “communists”. He wondered out loud if the protesters will “go after” Steve Jobs, a billionaire capitalist.

Hannity stood by in agreement, saying Varney, along with Neil Cavuto, was the most knowledgeable guest he knows on business matters.

Even though he had identified and had just interviewed anti-Obama factions in #ows, Hannity flipflopped on command as Varney connected Obama to the #ows movement. That’s what folks call a “company man” – loyally helping push the bossman’s propaganda, no matter how obvious or false it may be. Hannity tacked on, saying “the abusive practices that got us into this problem” were the Democrat-connected Fannie and Freddie, after he had already agreed the crisis was bipartisan gladhanding.

Hannity must have momentarily forgot who pulls his strings and who provides his political payola.

“Perfect” Callers Pile Attacks On #OWS Protesters
Directly following Varney, a call came in from Annette in Tulsa, claiming to be a mother of a protester who said her daughter went to protests years ago but she didn’t know what she was protesting. The clear-voiced, well-enunciating “midwest mom” said her daughter was going off because it was exciting and “romantic” to go off and protest. She said buses were being provided by unspecified organizers who told the daughter they would bail her out if she was arrested, provide her with materials and talking points.

Annette wanted to plant doubt in listeners minds that #ows is real and grassroots. Hannity agreed, saying “such a good point”, but it was strange a “mom” would call his show, syndicated onto over 425 stations, to embarrass and sneer at her own daughter on the radio for being an ill-informed, gullible pawn of sinister liberals.

Her anecdote also planted a clever inception – she said none of the kids in her daughter’s group ever internalized any of the talking points and all sound like a deer in the headlights as soon as anyone put a camera in their face. So when Hannity listeners hear the inarticulate #ows kids speak, they will assume they are blank-eyed puppets.

The very next caller “Shelby” told Hannity #ows protesters are “unproductive” and they survive on hand outs, noting teacher unions are joining and they just don’t understand that without capitalists to provide jobs, nobody will have jobs. She said we are vilifying the people that are creating the jobs, the people that support a tax code that allows people who don’t work to survive. Hannity agreed, then suddenly got all “homespun”:

Hannity: Such a great point, how old is your daughter?
Shelby: She’s six.
Hannity: Oh wow, that’s such a great age…what does she like to do?
Shelby: She likes to ride her bike.
Hannity: That’s amazing!

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