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VIDEO:Arun Gupta- Race Based Activism Rejected at WSO

Gupta is the man. His  deep, articulate  analysis of WSO  is enlightening. His righteous slap down of race obsessed Kai Wright is epic.  He first schools him against his race based approach and then calls him out as a liar for his assertion that there is “Roving citywide clashes with police”. Guys like Mr. Wright hurt the  cause. It should stay a simple ” the 99% no longer are afraid of the 1%.  It prevents the MSM from portraying it as a less popular movement. The MSM can not attack and distort such a singular popular message. It will give the Movement time to grow. With the added bonus of driving the MSM crazy. As long as we are smart enough to reject Mr. Wrights race based, sure to fail politics.

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