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Visiting the Occupy Wall Street encampment

embattled Wall St

The embattled center of the fight. Wall Street looked to be on full-scale military-style lockdown. Tourists could pass through, but there was no room to stop and police eyes were everywhere.

abandoned street

The usually-crowded street was pretty much empty as it was cordoned off.

vehicle stoppers

Not much chance of any sort of vehicle making it through all this. BTW, the Occupation is hardly anti-capitalist, even though many people in the media are calling it such.

replacement for the WTC

Oh hey! Before I got to the encampment, I saw that the replacement for the World Trade Center was coming along nicely.

park location

The “A” is the locater for the NY Stock Exchange. Zuccoti Park is nearby, but hardly on top of, Wall Street.

the encampment

Got to the encampment a few hours before lunchtime, so I got a good, unobstructed view of it all. The residents of OccupyWallStreet were all pretty mellow and kept the whole place very clean.

sleeping quarters

Sleeping bags and tarps. Patriotic folks, we see lots of American flags there.


Very conveniently, there are food trucks and a fruit and vegetable stand along one side as the park is normally used for lunching anyway.


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