A typically polite and patriotic Teabagger (by cometstarmoon).

I’m old enough to remember when Teabaggers were hilariously described in the legacy media as being “angry at Wall Street.” They obviously weren’t — their Patron Saint is a CNBC financial analyst who used to work for a hedge fund. And as rebranded Bush/Cheney Republicans, they reflexively side with the wealthy and powerful.

No, the Teabaggers were never angry at the people who got us into this mess. They were angry at the people they’re always angry at — the poor, minorities and liberals. And now that a genuinely grassroots movement (not an astroturf creation of Dick Armey) has risen up against Wall Street, the right is lashing out.

The Left’s tea party is a juvenile rabble, a woolly-headed horde that has been laboring to come up with one concrete demand on the basis of its — in the words of one sympathetic writer — “horizontal, autonomous, leaderless, modified-consensus-based system with roots in anarchist thought.”

The Right’s tea party had its signature event at a rally at the Lincoln Memorial where everyone listened politely to patriotic exhortations and picked up their trash and went home.

Ah, those polite, patriotic Teabaggers — shouting down elected officials and their fellow citizens at Town Halls, hanging Democrats in effigy, toting offensive signs, putting billboards up comparing Obama to Hitler, brandishing guns at protests, sending out racist emails (remember this one?), comparing health care reform to the Holocaust, etc.

It’s no wonder that America despises them.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan