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Analysis: Evidence Of Illegal Use Of White Phosphorus in Fallujah, Iraq And US Soldiers Desecration Of Iraqi Corps Obtained By Association Of Truth

There has been much speculation over the use of White Phosphorus in Fallujah, Iraq during the US invasion, November 2004, code named Operation Phantom Fury. There has also been speculation over US Soldiers inappropriate behavior. Inspired by Julian Assange, Wikileaks, the Iraq War Logs, and Collateral Murder, I started an investigation to help get the truth out about this illegal war. Countless hours, days and weeks were put into this investigation.

Finally, I’ve achieved success! I found  a US soldiers blog that proves White Phosphorus was indeed used in Fallujah. The blog also documents the use of High Energy Explosives(HE) in Fallujah.That blog also reveals an account of a US Soldiers defilement of a dead Iraqi Insurgent. The blogger is Neil Prakash, Tank Platoon Leader in the US Military, and served in Fallujah Iraq. Neil Prakash was also interviewed by CNN in December 2004 about a successful Military Operation in Fallujah that killed 50-70 Iraqi Insurgents and several Leaders. Prakash was skeptical about this interview.

He did not want any damaging info. to get out about him or the Military. Information he failed to release to CNN, he released in his blog. I wonder what CNN’s reaction to the truth would be? Will this investigative article lead to justice or an investigation into the abuses by the US military? Probably not but at least the truth will be revealed. Now that this article is released, I would not be surprised if Neil Prakashs’ blog was to be taken down. Link to blog is here.


I will first begin by exposing a US Soldier that desecrated a dead Iraqi Corpse, who will be known as Red 8 Lima. This event took place Nov 12-13, 2004 in Fallujah. A tank pulls up next to a dead Insurgent on the ground.

“Red 6, this is Red 8. Red 8 Lima wants to bet 20 dollars that he will get on the ground to turn this dead guy (Insurgent) over” Turning the dead guy over means to defile the dead corps.  Next, the Sargent (SGT) of the group gets involved.

“Red 8 Lima, this is Red 6 Gulf. You don’t have a hair on your ass to do it”, SGT P called out.

A high ranking US Military Official, a Leader, instigating/inciting defilement of an Iraqi corpse. Red Lima 8 jumped to the ground. Red Lima 8 then preceded to the dead insurgent, picked up the body, and straddled it. He then pretended to hump/simulate sex with the dead insurgent while standing up. As he was doing this, he  flipped both middle fingers at the corpse. After two more pumps with his hips, he pulled out a camera and preceded to take pictures of the act.  Everyone laughed after that. Here we have a Soldier of the “Great” US Military, straddling a dead insurgent and pretending to hump/have sex with the corpes.

Red Lima 8 could have easily been stopped/restrained by other soldiers in the platoon. Not even SGT P stopped this heinous act. Red Lima 8 was not reprimanded or punished for this act.

“This is 8 Lima. Its cool. I got some great pictures”

But this would not be the only incident of defiling Iraqi corpses.  SGT P spots an RPG standing straight up and down, next to a pack of smokes, and a shoe. Laughing, SGT P stated “Oh shit, look at that! HA! HA!”.

Behind the RPG there was a dead Iraqi Insurgent. A soldier grabbed the binoculars, a noticed the corpses buttocks were missing. The soldier laughed at this. Neil Prakash, who was the platoon leader, stated that they found the scene “terribly amusing”.  Prakash stated he did not want to leave his position because they were just starting to have fun with the dead guy.

The evidence presented here proves US Soldiers were defiling, abusing, disrespecting dead Iraqis. These actions are  sick and psychotic, and will not and should not be tolerated. To think, that these are the same soldiers some children look up to. This is pathetic. These actions should be considered criminal and appropriate action taken. The truth, as stated by a soldier of the US military, in Fallujah, Iraq is finally exposed!


“Pop Smoke when your ready” Neil Prakash called over the platoon net to Staff Sargent T (SSG T) and the Bradley tanks. SSG T ordered everyone to get down in their turrets and close their hatches. SSG T gave an explanation of how dangerous firing smoke grenades can be. Smoke grenades are white phosphorus. Imagine being outdoors, in the area of these smoke bombs when they are launched. You would be burned to death. Now for the proof that white phosphorus (WP) rained down on Fallujah. The citizens of Fallujah had no idea that fire from the sky was about to rain down on them.

I ask you, to think about all the innocent women and children who would be burned to the bone from white phosphorus and the use of high (HE) explosive shells. Think of the cries of the children who are in severe pain and suffering. I can almost hear the children’s cries while writing this article. November 8, 2004 the day Fire fell from the sky onto Fallujah. The following is from  Neil Prakashs account of that day.

“In preparation for the assault, artillery guns dropped white phosphorus or “Willy Pete” on the city. The FA guys later told us this was the newest WP in the way it deployed. As the rounds came in, they burst in the air several hundred feet above the ground. They streaked towards the ground in little “spider trails” burning bright orange. The WP hit the ground, creating a thick, white, smoke screen, but it still burned bright orange on the ground.”

Neil Prakashs’ mention of High Explosives (HE) will now be revealed. Neil Prakash stated:”

I kept turning and cranking my neck to see the HE burn in.”

Prakash then stated:

” God, it must suck to be on the receiving end of that”. This is positive proof that white phosphorus & high explosives were used on Fallujah.

This was the equivalent to Chemical Warfare. The effects of white phosphorus and high explosives are still being felt today in Fallujah. There has been an increasing amount of  birth defects in Fallujah, attributed to the use of chemical weapons used on Fallujah. There has not been any investigation by the US government into the events that unfolded in Fallujah. Again, I ask you to remember all the innocent Iraqi civilians, children maimed/scarred for life, all the Iraqi families affected by this, and all the women with children who have suffered birth defects. I also ask you to remember all the innocent men, women, and children killed in this chemical attack on Fallujah.


The facts reveal the truth about Fallujah and Chemical Weapons used by the US Military. Also the facts reveal abuses by a US Soldier involving desecration of a dead Iraqi Insurgent. This must not be tolerated. Again, I ask all the readers to think about and remember all the Iraqi families, men, women and children affected by the use of these chemical weapons. Think about and remember all the Iraqi children that lost there lives due to the use of chemical weapons.

Children who could have grown up to be future leaders or making the world in general a better place. Think about what you would do if your loved ones lost there lives or were maimed for life by the illegal use of chemical weapons. Now think about what you can do. You can share this article with family, relatives, friends, etc. You can become an Activist and write to your local congress person. You could even write to the White House. The PEOPLE have the power to help stop these War Crimes committed. The choice is yours. In memory of all the innocent live lost due to the use of chemical weapons in Iraq.

Very special thanks to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Iraq War Logs, Collateral Murder, for knowledge, truth, & inspiration to research  the truth, retrieve the facts, and reveal these horrible war crimes and illegal war.
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