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Meet James Arthur (Art) Pope–another enemy of the people

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James Arthur (Art) Pope is the chairman and C.E.O. of Variety Wholesalers, a discount-store conglomerate.  Jane Mayer, investigative Journalist, author of “The Dark Side” and reported at large for The New Yorker has a blockbuster expose titled STATE FOR SALE that appeared in the Oct 10 issue of The NewYorker and is a must read for all who care about the majority gaining control of Washington.

Muckety Metrics give Pope a Muckety connection score of 29.  And a Muckety influence score of 55 out of 100. This is a measure of power and reach compared with others in the U.S. leadership elite.

James Arthur Pope is connected to Pope Political Inc. and no surprise, to the Koch Brothers “Americans for Prosperity.” Pope, in fact is a director of Americans for Properity and the owner of Pope Political Inc.  Among the most influential people in James Arthur Pope’s web of second-degree relationships is James C. Miller III (economist who served as the Budget Director for Ronald Reagan, served on George H.W. Bush’s Presidential Task force on Regulatory Relief, Member of the Board of J.P. Morgan Value Opportunities Fund, consultant to Freddie Mac.  He is quoted as saying:  ”My budget employees are the kind of people who run over dogs ).

Art Pope’s other activities include the John Locke Foundation (a free-market think tank in North Carolina) and the John William Pope Civitas Institute.    James Arthur Pope, as his friend, David Koch are very much interested and active in funding the dismantling public education.  It it obviously to their advantage for workers to remain ignorant and uneducated and the best way to do that is to make education unaffordable for the majority.  That is exactly the precise aim of their school voucher programs.


Please read Jane Mayer’s article in full in the New Yorker:    STATE FOR SALE


If LizWereQueen Comments

Honestly!  Not another one!  There seems to be no end to these people cropping up with endless amounts of cash who want to hijack our government and make serfs of the majority.  Until this morning when I read Jane Mayer’s article in theNew Yorker, I had never heard of Art Pope much less known of his influence on our government.

Once again I am reminded of friends who 15 years ago told me that a close knit group of about 400 people control the politics of the USA and rule the world. At the time, I brushed them jokingly off as conspiracy theorists.  Now however, 15 years later, and with a new plutocrat cropping up almost daily, I’m beginning to see that my friends may have been  be right.


What can we, the majority, do?  Here are my recommendations and I invite you to add to the list:

1.  We can bring these people from the dark into the light as Jane Mayer has done with her brilliantly researched article, and as I, in my own small way as a citizen journalist have done with this post on one of the Dismantlers of Democracy–James Arthur Pope.  If you will remember, in 2007 few Americans knew who David and Charles Koch were, much less what they have done to democracy.  Today, millions of Americans know who the Koch brothers are and what they have done and millions more are aware of their fake grassroots corporation “Americans for Prosperity” –whose members cheered the the USA lost its bid for the Olympics, a win that would have brought thousands of jobs to the USA.

2. We can forget about trying to compete with them in fund raising for political campaigns because they have ready access to far more cash than we will ever see in our lifetimes.  We should not buy into their fund raising scam because that will only dishearten and distract us from our primary goal–to defeat these bastards with the truth of what Democracy is supposed to look like (and it is NOT control by the upper 2% and serfdom for the 80%)  which is their plan.  Whenever one of them reports on their campaign chests which they do have to do, even though those who contribute don’t have to, the strategy should be for example:  “Jeff Sessions has over a million dollars in his campaign chest.  Elizabeth Berry has $3,000 in her campaign chest.  What does this tell you?  Not that Jeff Sessions has the support of so many people, but that he has the support of the upper 2% and Ms. Berry has the support of the majority–the 80% who are barely hanging on and many of them without jobs.” Use the size of their campaign chests as a weapon against them.

3. Winning candidates must look at the Majority of the voters in their districts as their capital and win them one voter at a time–ideally with no more than three degrees of separation between the candidate and their voters. It is far better to have one  vote than one hundred dollars.  Voter to voter to voter to voter to voter:  One voter at a time.

4. Independents have a huge advantage in 2012 over any party–particularly for U.S. Congress. The majority of people are fed up with BOTH parties.  Run as an Independent in your district in 2012 for U.S. Congress.  Find out now what the requirements are for running as an Independent in your state.  Even though it is a national office, you must meet your state election requirements first.  Frankly, the national office don’t care too much about you until your campaign takes in more than $5,000.

5. The majority must make a huge effort to register voters in their districts beginning now.  Nothing scares the leadership of BOTH parties more than the thought of the majority being represented. If you have any doubts about this, you only need to look at how quickly the DEMOCRATIC majority in BOTH houses along with their Republicans pals voted to defund ACORN on the flimsy evidence of a highly doctored video submitted by a known right-wing operative, James O’Keefe.  Only 75 Democrats (less than 25%) out of 435 members of the House stood up for ACORN.  In the Senate, it was even worse.  Only 7 Senators stood up for ACORN, a non-profit organization whose only crime was to register the poor to vote.

The truth is that no one really know what the majority looks like in terms of their political clout because fully one-third of all eligible voters are not registered to vote.  Further more in 2008 over 15 million of those registered to vote did not vote.

Voter apathy and lack of voter registration is on the side of the plutocrats and they know this.

6. The majority must be educated on one simple rule regarding propaganda: If the attack is personal and not in regard to the issues, regards the official votes in the Congressional Record of an incumbent,  or the written platform of the opponent, DISREGARD IT.  It is highly probably that the claim is a well-funded smear campaign from the plutocrats.  Smear campaigns are what plutocrats and billionaires do best.  And they throw huge wads of cash at these activities.  For example, billionaires threw millions at their smear campaign of John Kerry.  These people don’t give a damn about anything but winning.  They have no basic morals or decency or even a sense of fair play–anything and anyone who gets in their way is fair game to them.  In fact, it’s an all nothing power game to them and they hire people and support political candidates who are just like them:  people who laugh at the mention of a man left to die because he doesn’t have health insurance; people who suggest that Americans should look to charity for their healthcare; people who don’t even brake for dogs–that is the enemy that we are dealing with.

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