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How to Livestream Video on MyFDL Using Your iPhone or Android Phone

I recently livestreamed my own arrest for protesting the Tar Sands pipeline in front of the White House, using only my iPhone. Part of the media strategy for October2011 demonstration in DC involves asking people to be the media rather than waiting for corporate media to sit up and take notice. So Kevin Zeese of October2011 asked me to do a post on how to livestream video with a smartphone and embed it in a blog post.

1. Go to UStream and sign up for an account.

2. Download an app for your device (I did it for the Verizon iPhone, but UStream supports a variety of devices). If you’ve got IOS 4.1 or newer, you want the plain-ol’ Ustream app, which allows you to record, broadcast and watch videos:

3. Install the app and open it by clicking on the “U” icon:

4. When the screen opens, click the little blue camera icon on the top right, then select  the “go live” button:

5.  The broadcast screen will open, and here you can see the lovely sleeping Katie.  But you’re not live yet.

Let your viewers know what you’re broadcasting by typing a description in the bottom window.  To go live, click the red dot on the right hand side of the screen.

6.  You can see that the lovely Katie is now broadcasting live on the FDL channel because there’s a timer running in the top left of the screen.  Sadly, she has no viewers. To toggle the control screen, just pull it out by dragging the right side of the screen.  The red square is the “off” button.

6.  So where exactly is the lovely Katie broadcasting?  Over at our UStream channel  right now (okay, she moved before I could pull the page up, but she’s a professional sleeper):

She’s now got an “embed” code that you can embed just like a YouTube on sites like MyFDL, by copying the “link to the video” and pasting it in a diary at MyFDL:

(Sometimes embed codes can be a little buggy depending on what upgrade various systems are at, so if you have any trouble with it, just leave a comment to the diary with the “link to video” URL and an editor will insert it into your diary.

7.  The embed code for your channel always stays the same regardless of when you’re broadcasting.  So what Katie did was put a draft of her post up before she went live.  Then right before she started broadcasting, she used her iPhone to publish the diary.  And once she pressed the red button on Ustream:

Voila!  Katie is the media.

People from all over the country are headed to DC right now for the Freedom Plaza occupation, and Kevin says that among them is a group of grandmothers who are walking here from West Virginia.  I hope that they and the other October2011 protesters, as well as the OccupyWallStreet protesters and everyone taking part in anti-oligarchical protests around the world, will try to livestream their adventures in diaries at MyFDL.  They are really inspirational to people, especially those who can’t take part for whatever reason.  Because they’re not going to see it on the 6:00 news any time soon.

And if you have any trouble with the technology, just let us know in the comments of your diary and someone will be by quickly to help you get it to work.


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Jane Hamsher

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