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Reverend Billy from the Church of Earthalaujah has joined Occupy Wall Street

Oddly enough, Occupy Wall Street may have has found [yet another] voice:  Rev Billy.  Like most of America’s best prophets (Jon Stewart, Colbert, Bill Maher, etc.)  Rev Billy is also a comedian.  But watch his video either at my site (select title below) or at the Reverend Billy’s Church of Earthalujah site and see for yourself first hand.  He says it quite well and straight from the heart.

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Reverend Billy might be the voice that OCCUPY WALL STREET has been waiting for!

“To the people who keep insisting that these young people don’t have specific demands, hear this. There is nothing more specific and vivid than reclaiming public space . We’ve learned that the revolution won’t be computerized, no, ultimately we have to do what all those who make change must do: and that is commit your body and soul. Be vulnerable. Go to the public square and let the cops stare at you and wait for your friends to get out of jail and march again, and then march again. Embodied change is real. Use the pixels for directions, or to say hello to friends, but don’t let some on-line petition persuade you that you’re “saving time.”

There is nothing more specific and articulate than actual living – living in the shadow of the 80 story behemoths with the trillion dollar budgets. Since the big banks have no democratic process, living near their offices is the most specific of all choices.”

For more of Reverend Billy, watch the video at my site or at Reverend Billy’s site.

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry