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Just for Fun: Where Should the Obamas Take Their 2012 Summer Vacation?

First, Barack Obama was elected President. Then, his family took a vacation in Hawaii. Then Obama was inaugurated. The next year, Michelle Obama took a couple of dozen of her closest friends on a trip to Spain, which my wife dubbed “The Let Them Eat Cake Tour.”

This summer, the Obamas vacationed at a “cottage” on Martha’s Vineyard that costs $50,000 per week to rent. No Camp David for the First Family, no sirree. Obama’s critics from all over the political spectrum had a field day, while the members of his Cult of Personality righteously intoned that the hardworking President richly deserved his vacation away from the Beltway politicos and the grumbling, ingrateful masses.

The other day, Michelle just happened to be spotted shopping at Target. While I don’t care for the original source(Politico), here’s the link:

Yeah, we’re in full campaign mode, aren’t we, Michelle? The ordinary woman just making a run for pet food for the purebred Portuguese water spaniel and there just happens to be a White House press corps photographer there.

So. Where do you think the Obamas will take their obligatory summer vacation? Spain? The Caymans? Martha’s Vineyard? Nah. Too aristocratic, too obviously out of touch.

My guess is Hawaii if Obama’s poll numbers are up enough so he’ll probably win re-election; after all, Hawaii’s where Barack was born and can be justified. If things don’t look so good, maybe some resort near Chicago; more blue collar. If things look bad, Camp David to show he’s working so hard to solve America’s problems.

What do you think? Remember this is just for fun. Speculation on where they really should take their vacation is also welcome.

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