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Won’t SOMEONE Please Think of the Dictators?

Michele Bachmann really is the Energizer Bunny of crazy.  Fresh off of her scaremongering about how Hezbollah is going to use Cuba as some kind of launch platform to shoot terrorist missiles at the US, she is now blaming Barack Obama for the Arab Spring.  I repeat, blaming.

You want to know why we have Arab Spring?  Barack Obama has laid the table for the Arab Spring by demonstrating weakness from the United States of America.

Oh noes!  Obama must be stopped while we still have some tyrants left!  We’ve already lost Qaddafi; if we lose Assad the terrorists will have won!

Not only does Bachmann think the democratic overthrow of dictators is a bad thing, but that it’s a bad thing Obama is somehow responsible for.  True, he did have a hand in Qaddafi’s downfall, but “weakness” isn’t exactly the word I would choose there… unless you think the US should have participated harder.

Instead of at least pretending that the US is some kind of global beacon and promoter of democracy, Michele Bachmann is arguing that the President Of The United States needs to back dictators up when they squash freedom and dissent.  Because where we looked at Tahrir Square and saw oppressed people hungry for freedom, she saw only terrorist jihadis plotting to turn Egypt into a giant al Qaeda cell.

In a way, I kind of wish Bachmann was right about Obama causing the Arab Spring.  It’d be the only time his fecklessness ever resulted in a net increase in democracy.

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