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Music and the EM Field cont. Jedi Training: Using The Force.

In this screenshot, note the fourth peak from the left. This seems to be the harmonic connection between the thinking mind and the feeling heart, that hovers between 7.5 and 9 cycles per second (hz) Look at how far off the chart it goes! I do this consciously, partially through manipulation of the wave and partly in cooperation with it. As Obi Wan said, the Force controls your actions, but also obeys your commands.

I’m amazed at how simple this is becoming. In the screen capture above, the wave that goes off the chart in this Polarity Burst, is me EXPERIENCING A HIGHER LEVEL OF AWARENESS for about 8 seconds. I can make this happen 10 to 15 times in a 45 minute session. Two more of these amazing bursts are seen below.

Concentrating on the music and watching my EM Field dance is both an enlightening and empowering experience. It also feels great and it’s loads of fun.

Michael Bloomberg. Photo by MTA Photos on Flickr.
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