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Breaking – James Forrester’s falsified credentials: apparently he couldn’t stop at just one?

Surprise, surprise. It’s so predictable with these fundamentalist, ignorant gay haters.

As you know, the Blend broke the news that NC State Senator James Forrester has been falsely touting himself as a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine. Correspondent Scott Rose’s communication with Executive Director Michael Barry (R), showed that Forrester was not a fellow and the ACPM contacted Forrester to tell him to remove the false information from sites where the lawmaker touts the designation.

Matt Comer at QNotes has found that, well, it’s probably easier to state which of Forrester’s credentials are true, since others are now up in the air.

Further reports have indicated that Forrester might also be fibbing on his association with the Aerospace Medical Association. Despite claims on his resume, Forrester’s name is not listed on a current list of group’s associate fellows.

Questions now fall on Forrester’s claim of membership in the Christian Medical and Dental Association. He lists his current membership with the organization on his resume at his personal campaign site and at a web page on the Gaston County Republican Party’s website.

Searches of the Christian medical group’s membership database returned no results for family physician and 10-term state senator. The group’s database includes practicing members who have opted to be listed. A search of doctors within a 100-mile radius of Forrester’s work address yielded no results for Forrester.

qnotes reached out to Forrester for comment and clarification on Friday morning. He was not immediately available at his legislative office in Raleigh, his Stanley, N.C., office or at home. The Christian Medical and Dental Association’s offices are closed on Fridays.

When will the leadership in the NC Senate tell Forrester that he needs to RESIGN?

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