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Do the Republican presidential candidates signing the NOM pledge want gay soldiers dead?

The depravity of the Republican candidates who have signed the maliciously anti-gay NOM pledge  — Bachmann, Santorum, Perry and Romney — today was made even clearer when NOM released a video championing the cause of Jerry Buell, the Mount Dora, Florida teacher who said that gays should be allowed to serve in the military, at the front lines with hetero troops deserting them from behind

Buell first came to national attention when he said that marriage equality in New York made him want to vomit.  He published his anti-gay hate speech to Facebook, where students at his public high school were among the 700 people on his friends list.  After some complained about his anti-gay hate speech, Buell said that his view is that of God and that if anybody didn’t like it, they should get off his Facebook page.  He added that he would miss them like his kidney stone.

In other words, in a public forum, Buell discriminated against some of his public school’s students on the basis of his religious beliefs.  What chance was there after that of him treating those students impartially and fairly within the school?

NOM in its Buell video is not accurately portraying the nature and extent of Buell’s wrongdoing.  Although I maintain that the Florida Department of Education should have participated in the investigation of Buell, Lake County School’s Superintendent Susan Moxley issued a letter with directives to him that is actually quite the smackdown.  NOM should not be permitted to present Buell’s story to the public without the public knowing the full contents of Moxley’s letter to Buell.

The NOM pledge has the signing candidate agree to attempt to strip every gay married American couple of their current state level marriage recognition, along with the rights accompanying that recognition.  It also asks signing candidates to commit to a federal constitutional amendment banning marriage equality across the land.  Ominously, NOM’s pledge also asks the signing candidates to create a “presidential commission,” which transparently would have the intent of intimidating those in favor of gay rights from seeking to expand gay rights towards equality.  NOM fraudulently claims that the presidential commission would investigate harassment of political gay bashers.  Obviously, the present criminal justice system allows for prosecution of criminal harassment; there is no demonstrable criminal justice need for a presidential commission to investigate harassment of anti-LGBT hate groups.

Were a NOM-pledge-signing candidate to become president, that person would then be Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.  Yet the National Organization for Marriage is championing an anti-gay bigot who teaches social studies in a public high school and said that gay soldiers should be allowed to serve on the front lines with hetero troops deserting them from behind.  The U.S. military now has openly gay and lesbian soldiers and other personnel.  The Commander-in-Chief has ultimate accountablity for their lives.  Any presidential candidate signing the NOM pledge must be questioned as to whether they believe it acceptable to joke about troops being deserted on the battlefied without adequate defenses.

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Scott Rose

Scott Rose