Anwar Al-Awlaki’s “Story of the Bull”



Anwar   Al-Awlaki  was killed today like so many others without a trial.  Al-Awlaki like most of the others our government have forced to “give up the ghost”  was Muslim,  of Arabic descent, and labeled a Terrorist.   The thing that is different  looking through  “exceptional” American eyes is that Anwar was a citizen of this country.

“We Got Him!”

The above was the head lines plastered across news papers when we caught Sadam, and murdered Osama (without a trial).  Now  at this point this could apply to Obama and the members of the CIA and JSOC who carrier out this unlawful killing of a US citizen.  The constitution of the United States is very clear: no citizen can be deprived of  life ,  liberty and  property without due process!   Just as I watched Bush admit on national TV to breaking the FISA law multiple times,   Obama has also clearly crossed the line.

Anwar  Al-Awlaki was our guy in the Muslim community until we stared slaughtering his fellow Muslims by the “millions”.  The  war machine (Pentagon) even invited him in to participate in their propaganda to assure the community that we were not their enemy as we were slaughtering them and their children.

Anwar Al-Awlaki the US citizen born in New Mexico was charged with “No” crime!  Nothing, yet he was killed by our government?


The Story of the Bull:

In a nut shell it goes something like this:  The majority Black cows stood by and allowed a lone wolf to devour a minority (single) White cow fearing involvement who bring the same fake upon them.  Over time the wolf ate the Black cows as well (one at a time to make it easier on himself) while the remaining Black cows stood by and did nothing.  As the wolf leaped on the last Black cow and sank his teeth into it’s neck the last thoughts of the Black cow were; “when I allowed the White cow to be devoured and did nothing I died them not now!”



“The  Story of the Bull ” from a now dead man makes me wonder if Anwar is the White Cow that has signed all of our death warrants?  Once we stand by and allow Obama , the CIA and those thugs at JSOC (working with Black Water) to kill US citizens without a trial the constitution and it’s words become meaningless.

The true “White Cows” were the countless non-US citizens we allowed to be kidnapped, Tortured, and outright murdered (without a trial).  We kept telling ourselves, “hey, its not like their US citizens or something!”   Of  course you realize that logically they are going to start with the “cows” that look Middle Eastern, moving on to the Black Cows  and the Hispanic looking cows.   Farther down the road, maybe take out a few  Liberal cows and when everyone else is “fair game” and most are gone our protectors in wolf’s clothing (CIA, JSOC, Black Water…) will sink their teeth into the throat of the Blue-eyed  blond-haired, Bible thumping red blooded American cows in the heartland   and their screams will echo in the dark,  alone.

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