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Obama’s Comments to the CBC Enrages Some African-Americans, As They Should

Recently I made a post about Tavis Smiley’s revolt against Barack Obama’s condescending comments to the Congressional Black Caucus, and stated once again that Obama’s not really a black president, he just plays one on TV. He’s a corporatist through and through, and has done nothing for the black community which he falsely claims as his own.

At least one person here at FDL said my post was racist. It is not my intention to call that person out, it is my intention here to thank the African-Americans who defended me: Thank you, and to point out this scathing article by Glen Ford in the Black Agenda Report:

“When the going gets rough, beat up on the Blacks. That’s been a rule of American politics for many generations – so why should Barack Obama be any different?” Ford begins. And breaks out the big guns from there.


Can one imagine Obama or any other presidential aspirant repeatedly hectoring any other ethnic group on moral issues? Singling out Jews for excessive materialism? The Irish for excessive drinking? Of course not; that would be unfair and politically suicidal. But there are large regions of the white body politic in which it is not only acceptable, but damn near required, that politicians demonstrate their impatience with the alleged moral shortcomings of Black people. Barack Obama trolls for votes in those foul waters, at the cost of Black people’s dignity.”

Can one imagine Obama or any other presidential aspirant repeatedly hectoring any other ethnic group.”


“The Black Caucus, as a body, meekly murmured and mumbled as the administration transferred the equivalent of the U.S. gross domestic product to the banks while Black America disintegrated. Now, with Obama’s numbers falling, he has very publicly commanded them to shut up and perform what he believes is their only legitimate function: to get him re-elected. In the looming contest, he will again resort to Black-baiting whenever it is useful to shore up white support. In that – as with his foreign and domestic policies – Obama is no different than white corporate politicians. His one great distinction, is to have a core constituency that cares more for his security and dignity, than their own.”

Ouch! That wasn’t me, folks. That was Glen Ford, though I, middle-aged white guy that I am, agree with him 100%. Obama is no different from white corporatist politicians because he IS a white corporatist politician in every way that matters.

Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Obama campaign run their very own Willie Horton-type ad if his future Republican opponent left him or herself open to one. The man has no shame.

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