As I noted the other day, Maxine Waters (D-CA) didn’t care for the President’s strange tirade at the Congressional Black Caucus’ award dinner — and as it turns out, neither did James Clyburn.

NORRIS: I’m curious about your reaction to the president’s speech. Now, he said many things that evening. We just heard the end of the speech, where he told people to put on their marching shoes, take off their bedroom slippers, stop complaining. Your reaction to that.

CLYBURN: Well, when I heard it, I cringed because I kind of anticipated so much of what came in the first part of the speech would get lost and people would be hanging on to those words.

Again, this is a completely unforced error by Obama. The White House has admitted this badgering-the-base stuff was a mistake in 2010 — and yet, they’re doing it again. Why?

Clyburn also said that the frustration with the President is partly due to his refusal to stand his ground on core Democratic principles.

….most of us have a style that’s a little bit different from the president’s, ’cause it’s his style to try to seek common ground or try to compromise, and he keeps getting the thumb in his eye. And those of us who come from a different era tend not to appreciate that style. […]

Because if you are not going to get it done, what’s wrong with going down swinging? That is what people tend to want to see. They want to see you fight for the issues, even when they question whether or not you can you can be successful.


Blue Texan

Blue Texan