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How To Report the National Organization for Marriage As A Hate Group

This article has two purposes; 1) to teach you how to report the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) as a hate group and; 2) to give you a chance to sign a petition to Mark Zuckerberg to ban the anti-LGBT hate group NOM and all of its affiliates from Facebook.

Today, I went to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s online contact form and explained that according to SPLC’s published definitions of the term “hate group,” the so-called National Organization for Marriage certainly appears to qualify as one.  I pointed out that at a NOM-sponsored anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx in May, a preacher yelled through a megaphone at a mob of anti-gay bigots that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”   Reproached for that barbarity, NOM and NOM’s supporters, including the viciously anti-gay N.Y. State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr. said that “worthy to death” is what God says about “those who practice such things.”  I included other evidence that I believe qualifies NOM as a hate group.

Here is the response I received in an e-mail from the Southern Poverty Law Center:  “The SPLC makes its designations once a year, and that list is published in the spring issue of the Intelligence Report (the publication of the Intelligence Project).  So the 2010 complete list was published around March, 2011, based on information gathered during the previous year.  The 2011 list will be published in the spring of 2012.  The SPCL did announce the anti-gay segment of the 2010 list earlier than spring 2011, but that was because in the fall of 2010, the SPLC had several articles in the Intelligence Report dealing with anti-gay groups, and it was relevant, thus, to announce that part of the list earlier than usual.  The Intelligence Project is constantly gathering data and assessing it, and we always appreciate receiving tips and information.”

Got that readers?  Every time you see apparent evidence that NOM is a hate group, communicate it to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Bookmark that contact page.  Send both past and current examples of NOM’s apparent hate group activities.  Include links to sources.    The SPLC’s Mark Potok has said that its definition of a hate group includes groups and people who suggest that an entire group of human beings are inferior.  He has pointed out that SPLC does not think that free speech should be suppressed, but that the hate group designation is a “calling out of the liars, the demonizers, the propagandists.”  Potok says that while the groups themselves may not advocate violence, their hate speech has “driven people and will continue to drive people to murder.”

Here is an example of NOM promoting the demonization of gay persons on its NOM blog. The post quotes Richard Land, head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission saying that “gay marriage is not live and let live.”  He goes on to allege that gay marriage “is part of a radical homosexual agenda aimed at destroying the institution of marriage.”

Here is an example of what you could write to the Southern Poverty Law Center when reporting that NOM blog post.

“I am writing with evidence that I believe demonstrates that The National Organization for Marriage is an anti-LGBT hate group.  On it’s NOM blog at  this link (here you would just copy the blog post link into SPLC’s contact form), NOM is promoting anti-gay hate speech that demonizes gay people.   The post quotes the Southern Baptist Convention’s Richard Land fraudulently alleging that gay marriage “is part of a radical homosexual agenda aimed at destroying the institution of marriage.”

It seems to me that if Land were in a court of law, giving testimony under oath, he would not have in his possession to present any evidence that gay Americans want marriage equality in order to destroy the institution of marriage.  That is to say, Land appears to be baselessly demonizing gay people and their motives for wishing marriage equality.  He is attritubing to gay people a hostile motivation which gay people in fact do not have. Additionally, I’d like to point out the irony in Land’s heading of the SBC’s “Religious Liberty Commission.”  Like NOM, he wants a nationwide ban on marriage equality, and says he deserves to see such a ban enacted in the name of religious liberty, yet he doesn’t take into account the liberties of those Christian Churches that agree with equality and that ordain gay and lesbian ministers.   All of NOM’s leaders frequently make similar, obviously ludicrous claims; that banning marriage equality is essential to religious liberty.   Please take this into consideration when deciding whether NOM should be classified as a hate group.  Many thanks for all of the groundbreaking, historic work you have done, protecting the civil rights of Americans from irrational extremists.”

At this link is the petition asking Mark Zuckerberg to ban NOM and all of its affiliates, such as the gay-bashing Ruth Institute, from Facebook.  Note that this is not a free speech issue.  The issue is, Facebook should not be giving a platform to NOM to spread its malicious lies about LGBTers and to beg for blood money from bigots.  NOM with its anti-LGBT hate speech is in violation of multiple points of Facebook’s terms of use.  At the bottom of the petition, you may enter an explanation of why you are signing.  I suggest that you find an example of where NOM is engaging in malicious, misleading or discriminatory communications about LGBTers, as Facebook’s terms of use forbid malicious, misleading or discriminatory communications.  Once you have signed the petition, do not sit on your hands.  Get every last person you know who supports equality also to sign the petition.  Remember; NOM is out there sponsoring events at which preachers are telling anti-gay bigots that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”

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