(by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)

Immigration will doom the Secessionist’s campaign. Willard is already running attack ads against him on the issue, and now, Texas Teabaggers — who never liked the Secessionist — are piling on, too.

The Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Board, a citizen group that advises the caucus’s 27 state legislators, will attack Perry for being insufficiently tough on so-called sanctuary cities at a press conference next week. […]

[Katrina] Pierson said her group is planning to announce next week that it has increased support from lawmakers and will call on Perry to call another special session to address the matter, hoping that he would “clarify his position on illegal immigration.”

“If he can’t get the job done in Texas with a supermajority, with something that he says is a priority, how is he going to get that done in D.C.?” Pierson said. “You have control of everything in Texas, and you still can’t [get] it done. He doesn’t want to get it done.”

Of course he doesn’t. Because that’s where all those “Texas Miracle” jobs are coming from — and they enrich his corporate masters.

Illegal immigration is good for big business in Texas, and it always has been. Good luck selling that to the nativists who’ve taken over the GOP.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan