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Senator Patty Murray asked me for advice!

This is so exciting!  Senator Patty Murray wants my advice–she actually wrote to me yesterday!  Here is her email:

Deficit Reduction: I Want to Hear from You

Over the next few months, the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction will need to find a balanced approach to addressing our debt and deficit, growing our economy, and putting Americans back to work. As Co-Chair of this bipartisan commission, I am working hard to bring members together around a bipartisan plan that works for families in Washington state. But I also know that we have a difficult challenge in front of us and that we need to marshal every idea and resource we can to complete this difficult task. That’s why I want to hear from you.

Please go to my comment form where you can submit your new, innovative, and most importantly – practical – approaches that could be implemented by the Joint Select Committee to help move our country in the right direction. At this critical time for our country your involvement is important to ensuring that we can find common ground solutions that work for real families. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

How great is that?  So this is my reply:

Dear Senator Murray:

The deficit is not the problem. The problem is that Obama and the Democrats, whom I supported faithfully from the time I was 21 until now, when I am 64, are collaborators with the Republicans in transferring every possible dollar from the poor and middle class to the richest Americans.  Your task right now is to find even more creative new ways to “share the pain,” which means token cuts for the rich, and draconian losses  for the rest of us.

This is what you should do to save money and turn this country around:  make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, including Social Security taxes,  stop the wars, expand Medicare to include everyone,  withdraw from NAFTA and the other job-draining trade treaties, stop letting corporations hide their assets overseas, and invest in green energy programs (not oil tar sands or nuclear power) and public infrastructure.  You could also pass union card check, so that workers could actually get union representation.  It is thanks to my union that I have decent working conditions and pay.  It is thanks to my husband’s union, the WEA, that he was able to retire.  You used to be in the WEA; what happened?

I am a registered nurse who will not be able to retire, thanks to  the criminal financial sector supported by my government.   It was my tax money that Obama and you poured into their hands, no strings attached, in the bank bailouts.  People who stole and cheated are doing better than ever; people like me who have worked hard year after year,  are watching the misery increase around us every single day.

I am sick of seeing more and more homeless people on the streets.  I am sick of hearing that kids can’t afford to go to college, so they are joining the army, where they will kill, or be killed, for nothing.    I am sick of reading about cuts in art, drama, and music programs in the schools.  At least now that my husband is retired from the classroom, I won’t have to hear about kids crying because they are so worried about the stupid No Child Left Behind testing, or their dad lost his job, or they have to be home all alone every day after school.  My husband won’t have to be providing “snacks,” i.e. all the breakfast they get, to some of his students.    I am sick of knowing that so many people in this rich country are “food insecure.”  FOOD INSECURE????   Bullshit!  These people are HUNGRY, for crying out loud.  I am sick of seeing patients who live in fear of losing everything they have because of their medical bills.  This country is circling the drain, as we say in my line of work.

I donated money to Obama’s campaign because he promised a single payer healthcare system.  He lied, and kept single payer off the table.  Every other country has a single payer healthcare system that includes everyone and costs about half of what we in the U.S. pay for our crappy, unfair  system under which at least 45,000 citizens die every year because of lack of access to healthcare.  The Obama healthcare program you passed is typical of Obama-type programs:  it improves things a little bit for most of us, in order to improve things A LOT for the financial elite.

And that’s what your commission will undoubtedly do: you will announce that we all must “share the pain” of reducing the deficit.  The rich will pay a little more, and the rest of us will see Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, etc., etc., etc. cut over and over again.

That is why I  think our only hope is to vote every single incumbent out of office, and start over.  I just contributed to Ron Paul’s campaign because he is the only antiwar candidate in either party.  Sure, he’s bad on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, etc., all the things I care about.  But, as Rahm Emmanuel put it so offensively,  even “f-ing r-tards” like me are starting to see that  the Democrats have sold us out.

So, in the spirit of what your commission is really about, how about this:  in a big spirit of national truth-telling about how we “share the pain” in the U.S., you could set up a national lottery, open to everyone, but no one would have to participate.  You could call it something like “The Caring and Sharing Act of 2012.”  Everyone who signed up for the lottery would get $500/month from then on, which would be a huge economic stimulus.   Twice a year, thousands of names would be drawn at random from the lists of lottery participants, and these “winners” would be the ultimate “Carers and Sharers.” After beautiful, televised ceremonies, with plenty of inspiring prayers by our bible-thumping politicians,  the blessed “Carers and Sharers”  would be held in regional centers until  their organs could be harvested and sold on the open market, worldwide, for all the wealthy people who need new organs.  I am guessing that despite this lottery being open to all, only the poorest citizens will choose to participate, so not only will rich people get new organs, we will also reduce the numbers of poor people.

Frankly, Senator Murray, you and your staff seem to be so out of touch with the reality of the pain that non-rich people in this state and country are experiencing every single day that you might as well be on Mars.
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