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The Roundup for September 27, 2011

I’ll be at the Take Back the American Dream Conference next week, put on by the Campaign for America’s Future. I’m actually on a panel Tuesday morning, October 3 (at the very early time of 7:30am, for some reason). If you’re in the DC area, come out to the Hilton Washington Towers and say hello. Registration is here.

• In the real consequential news of the day, Chris Christie is still not running for President.

• Lots of people talking about this BBC interview where a day-trader waxes longingly about the threat of recession, because it’s such a great buying opportunity. We have another candidate to take the psycopath test.

• Kerry Eleveld’s treatise on what gay rights activists can teach the left about winning is well-worn territory around these parts, but the information is put together well here.

• “Three silly stimulus arguments” best describes Keith Hennessey’s actual post, rather than the arguments he’s trying to rebut. The idea that austerity doesn’t exist because deficit reduction increases in the out years is particularly warped reasoning. In fact, we’re undergoing the effects of austerity budgeting right now, and it’s absolutely having a negative impact.

• Typical “we could solve everything if only we’d pass my law which I’ve gotten nobody to sign onto” political op-ed from Lamar Alexander.

• One genuinely laudatory part of the American Jobs Act is the provision banning discrimination in hiring against the unemployed. So of course Republicans find that controversial.

• The military has been very forward thinking on renewable energy. But now a plan of theirs to install solar rooftops at military bases has to be slowed because of fallout from the Solyndra scandal.

• New home sales are on pace for a record low in 2011.

• Yes, so-called “free trade” hurts the US economy. This has only been the consensus of most studies over the past two decades.

• Health insurance premiums jumped 9% in the past year. That sets a new baseline for next year, so keep in mind that even if the Affordable Care Act works to reduce the rise in health care costs and premiums, the delay in its implementation will cost people a significant amount of money.

• China will suspend some military ties with the US over an arms deal with Taiwan.

• If the Greek crisis ushers in a financial speculation tax at least some good would come of it.

• Pennsylvania Republican House members really want nothing to do with the Electoral College apportionment by district plan favored by Gov. Tom Corbett. I don’t see this happening anymore, honestly.

• Mitt Romney is the new darling of the banksters, winning the money race easily. The last winner of that money race became President.

• I don’t keep up much with Bolivia, which is why these indigenous protests surprised me, since their President, Evo Morales, comes from the indigenous community.

• I don’t care if we replace the paper dollar with coins or not, as long as we stop minting coins under a Congressional mandate that we just don’t use, at a taxpayer cost of close to $1 billion.

• WaPo says blame Rand Paul for the lack of pipeline safety legislation.

• Egyptian women are frustrated by the slow pace of change after the revolution.

• MSNBC is foundering in the post-Olbermann era. I find it extremely healthy and life-affirming to never watch cable news.

• I don’t think the guilt tactic from the Obama campaign to solicit grassroots donations went over that well.

• After all that, Ed Koch endorsed Obama today.

• North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue says it was a joke, but I don’t even know the point of saying that Congress should suspend elections for a couple years until the economy gets back on its feet. Because this Congress has shown itself so capable of working together.

• Good news, the “go to church or go to jail” sentencing in Alabama is on hold.

• No, the White House isn’t checking commercials for anti-Administration bias.

• You ever wonder what we’ll do without Andy Rooney?

• The speeches just don’t work when Rick Perry gets tired.

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David Dayen