Oh, The Places I Will Go…

Blogging will be virtually non-existent starting Wednesday as the L&T Casey and I are heading out on a road trip to San Francisco, coming back Sunday night. The primary reason for the trip is to watch a couple of soccer matches played by her former college team, but we’ll also be taking the opportunity to visit some very good friends, and generally just hang out in in Sodom by the Bay.

I made an executive decision to not take a laptop along with me in order to blog about our many adventures and the interesting people dressed in colorful native garb (or not) we will surely encounter.  However I have pre-loaded a Thursday Basset Blogging because I don’t want the world to spin completely out of control due to the absence of both my steadying hand and copious amounts of dog drool.  Unfortunately, there will be no Shakira ass this week but I hear there is some hot Nancy Grace nipple action in the intertubes if you are so inclined, and by “so inclined”, I mean “have lost the will to live.”

Since the L&T goes nowhere without her MacBook, we will still be in touch with Planet TBogg and welcome any SF suggestions you care to leave in the comments. Already our plans include lunch at Sol Food in San Rafael, a pilgrimage to City Lights, and a stop at the Tomb of The Unknown Erect Penis.


Also, too. Charlie Pierce got a brand new blog. The internet just got a whole lot better.

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