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Let’s Pick-Detour, Once Again

Been a while . . . sometimes that’s the way it is with the muse.

But somehow, in another diary I read today from My/FDL, I was prompted to go find Hudson N Landry’s classic Ajax Liquor Store routine.

N whadda ya know, there’s this melody floating before n after the skit.

I know that song!!!

It remains one of MY fav by these ruffians, long ago, n THIS is a GREAT vid with Brian on sitar (bless his drug adled soul RIP still).

It’s just clips to the album tune, Brian was long dead by the time Stones did this one (Some Girls?). But they is GOOD clips . . . n the song is sweet, still.

I gotta grassify this, it was born to be grassed up minor n modal.

Wonder if Kelly will like it . . . *G*

Ahh heck, here’s Hudson N Landry, it’s timeless, too.

N that’s it FireBaggers . . . see ya next time I tune up.

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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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