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Egypt’s Lesson to the Occupy Movement

The American people’s awakening to the carefully propagandized (yet iron-handed) oppression in which our ruling elites engage both at home and abroad – an awakening exemplified in the Occupy Wall Street action and a host of other planned occupations – is heartening indeed. But for all who side with full employment, peace, national self-sufficiency (versus the plunder of other nations’ resources at gunpoint) and individual rights, a critical question looms.

What happens next?

Imagine, if you will, the moment our victory is secured. The day it is universally accepted that the unemployment rate is the last concern of money-grubbing corporatists. The day we reject militarism in the name of “nation building” and corporate collusion in the name of “market share.”

The day – whether six weeks, six months, or six years hence – we finally decide to begin building a culture and an economy rooted in scientific inquiry, peaceful technologies, sustainable industries and agriculture, education, and the arts, in order to address critical societal needs such as creating jobs, saving the environment, and developing a real social safety net.

The Occupy Movement is a beacon of hope that such a day may now be much nearer at hand than it was even a week ago.

Or even yesterday.

But as history has shown time and again – and as we are seeing right now in Egypt – successful uprisings create a power vacuum which is all too often filled by elements of the status quo that the uprising sought to oust.

The only defense is preparedness. Organization. A clear vision of the kind of country in which we want to live, and people in place who are fully committed to seeing that transition through.

Indeed, it is the lack of any such vision or organization to which those trying to subvert the Occupy Movement most frequently point. “What exactly are you protesting for?” or “Things are bad everywhere, it’s just the way it is!” or “Imagine how much worse it would be if the Republicans controlled things.”

In short, the same old bullshit that feeds the status quo, and ensures our oppression by it.

Trouble is, they’re right. Those protesting have nothing even remotely resembling a clear statement of greivances, let alone a plan for the fundamental overhaul of what America has become – and such a plan already exists.

It was crafted over the first half of this year, based upon the input of hundreds of everyday people.

It was ratified by some of the most vocal supporters and key organizers of the protests now occuring and spreading across the country.

It is wholly non-partisan.

It’s called the Unified Progressive Platform.

It could well be a blueprint for What Happens Next.

Or… we could end up like Egypt.

Anthony Noel
NPA Facilitator

The New Progressive Alliance is a 100-percent volunteer organization founded last year by diarists and readers at MyFDL in response to the deepening corporatization of the American electoral and legislative process. Learn more here. (You’ll also find a printable version of the Unified Platform for distribution at public events.)

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