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When Ego Trumps Brain: The Olbermann-Palin Show

Well, my, my. Just call me Lisbeth Salander, because my tweaking Keith Olbermann with a set of Katyusha-rocket Tweets concerning his shabby treatment of Joe McGinniss seems to have kicked his veritable hornet’s nest of an ego right where it counts. (See also the video above.)

The ongoing temper tantrum of Kill-O’s was and is so lavariffic it’s actually made the pages of The Politico, as part of a rather oddly-written piece that reeks of an anti-McGinniss agenda. For example, here’s a passage from near the beginning: “Even before its Sept 20. release, ‘The Rogue’ was put through the media wringer, earning lackluster reviews and drawing scrutiny for containing anonymously sourced anecdotes about the former Alaska governor, including claims of drug use and the red-hot story of her long-ago romance with a former NBA player.”

What the Politico guy doesn’t mention is that a) the “media wringer” consisted of focusing on the “long-ago romance” to the exclusion of all else in the book (including its discussion of Palin’s Dominionist beliefs and ties) because that was the part that the National Enquirer tabloid released in violation of the pre-publication embargo, and b) Glen Rice himself confirms that he and Palin had a relationship. That’s not an “anonymously sourced anecdote”, but the Politico writer apparently wants you to think it is, to judge from the tortuous construction of the sentence quoted above. Regarding the actual anonymous sources: As Phil Munger, Wasilla resident for decades, says in his own review of the book, odd things seem to happen to people who tick off the Palins, especially on the record: vehicle windows getting shot out, that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin, too impatient to wait for the establishment media to finish smothering the book in its cradle, promptly ruins all their good work by threatening to file a lawsuit. Result: The book’s now climbing smartly up the Amazon best-sellers list, where it’s currently at #108 in Books and #149 in Kindle sales. If she’s actually silly enough to go through with it — and like Olbermann’s, her ego may be too huge to stop her from doing something stupid as long as it’s an attention-getter — it will likely be against the advice of any competent attorneys she might have. Lawyers for the publisher have talked to and vetted the sources, named or not named. So don’t be surprised if this lawsuit threat never turns into an actual lawsuit — especially once Palin’s minders finally get her to understand that all she’s done is helped sell McGinniss’ book for him.

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