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WH PETITION FOR OBAMA: listen to educators not billionaires on education reform

"Hey listen!" by quinnanya on flickr

"Hey listen!" by quinnanya on flickr

The Obama administration has set up a petition site for the general public.  This is a good chance to see how seriously they are going to take the results, by asking him to give up a profoundly corrupt and destructive K-12 education policy and put the people who actually know what they are doing in charge.

Text of petition and link to sign:

The current education “reform” movement is driven by real estate, software, education management, and testing corporations who stand to profit from destroying existing public schools and replacing them with for profit charter schools that siphon for private profits that could have gone directly to classrooms.

Instead, listen to the teachers, involved parents, and scholars who do research on education to determine the best way to improve our schools while keeping them entirely public rather than treating our children’s future like a commodity to be speculated on like so many bushels of wheat or pork bellies.

What we can learn from the private sector is the best practices of entirely private schools, like your own children attend, and how to prepare our kids to benefit from them.

Sign at White House Petition site

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