Shot A Man In Reno Just To Get Rid Of The EPA

Over at Andrew Breitbart’s Chock Full O’ Big Nuts, something called John Longenecker has a …. well, let’s call it a “unique” plan to whittle the US government (to say nothing of our overstock of excess citizenry) down to more manageable levels. John (whose fondness for the word ‘sovereign’ knows no bounds) describes Gun Nut Utopia  America:

My mission is to show the role of the armed citizen in the 21st century in reducing Hegelian influence and how the second amendment fights tyranny non-violently and through due process.

That citizen purpose is to meet and respond to violent crime in the absence of first responders such that the costly bureaucracies are impeached as unneeded. The repeal of gun laws is necessary if 2012 candidates are going to stump for smaller government. A return to the values of Independence and Integrity is necessary, and 2012 candidates need to enunciate these. Nothing would say it better than the repeal of gun laws.

You see, the armed citizen is the first line of defense in time of violent acts, and when these come under greater control of the electorate, the many policies of anti-violence, anti-hate, anti-greed and anti-bigotry are impeached as unneeded, a redundancy practice which as at the core of big government. Impeach that incentive of apparent necessity and you have your list of which bureaucracies to cut first. It can begin to unwind billions in unneeded programs. Tens of billions.

Taking Longenecker’s proposal to its logical conclusion, we might try enforcing our anti-trust  and securities fraud (anti-greed) laws by gunning down a few banksters, hedge fund managers, and CEO’s.  There’s $1.03 billion alone we could save on the do-nothing SEC, to say nothing of the fact that it’s got to be a hell of a lot more effective than Occupy Wall Street.

Unless, of course, I’m reading way too much into John’s manifesto and he’s really just talking about shooting scary looking brown people.  Yeah that’s probably what he was talking about since it’s posted on a Breitbart site.

Sorry. My bad….

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