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Why They Fight!

While watching the smug face of the Israeli ambassador as he confidently declared, “President Abbas will come to the UN, make his statements and go home; it will be a happy day” I could not help but think, “now there is a man who thinks variables can be tamed!” Reality seems to take great pleasure throwing curve balls at such men.

The Palestinian plea for state hood has been shutdown by AIPAC, and their “house boy Obama.” Kinda reminds me of a Hooker ( Palestine) having the Crap beat out of her by her Pimp (Israel) going to the Cops (UN, Obama) for help and being told to go back to “Pimp Daddy” and work it out! Not much hope for her survival.

When you cut off all hope of legally presenting legitimate grievances
by means as undemocratic as a US, UN veto; when you allow and supply one side the right to use violence (Israel must protect herself) yet “never” permit the other side the human right of self-defense; When you declare (Obama) multiple times that basic fairness is out of the question due to our “special relationship” with Israel what options does one leave the people of Palestine with other than fight or die?

Generally this has been the template for how the West has ruled the Middle East. Find some one like the Shah, Saddam, Mubarak, Saleh, or the house of Saud, arm them well make them and their families filthy rich and suck out billions in natural resources (in this case oil). By proxy, brutally suppress the people for 30 plus years and when they attempt to use legal channels to present their grievances, use the system you have rigged to shut them out!

So, whats a Middle Eastern man who has lived under one of our Dictators for most of his life seeing no hope for himself, his children or grand children to do? Although we and our Allies use unimaginable violence on a regular basis to crush their hopes and dreams when and if they reciprocate they become “Terrorist!”

Once we “brand” other human beings with this label they can be instantly put to death without the inconvenience of a trial. Bush and Obama have made summary execution, a “family affair” with Drone strikes at the dinner table.

Like Cord Wood

We kill them so fast they pile up like cord wood! George Carlin once said that “We left a few women and children alive in Vietnam, and we have not felt good about ourselves since. …”; looks like we won’t make that same mistake in the Middle East.

The once boasted to the French resistance, “that for every one of us you kill we will kill 100 of you!”

Israel’s kill ratio is 1 Israeli to 100 Palestinians.
America’s in the Middle East is 1,000 to 1.

Consider if you will the idea of a foreign power appointing the Mafia as the new rulers of our country for the unforeseeable future: your life and the lives of your children’s children will exist only to serve and enrich the mob! You exhaust all legal channels within this occupied nation and in desperation take your case to the UN! To your dismay you learn that the Mob owns the United Nations and only the 5 crime bosses have veto power over affairs of the entire plant.
Whats a person like you going to do? At what point do you fight back? You Dam Terrorist!

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