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NC: even wingnut Pope Civitas poll shows little appetite for job-killing, bigoted marriage amendment

Contrary to conventional wisdom out there — even by some supporters of equality — there is a real chance to defeat this marriage amendment in North Carolina. The proponents of the ballot initiative are hard-core fringe pols who have simply gotten the chance to get their bigot on because the 2010 midterms placed the GOP into power in the General Assembly. There’s a reason NC is the last state in the Southeast to face an amendment on the ballot.

The people of North Carolina in every recent legitimate poll, have 1) rejected the idea that we need to “protect” marriage by amending our constitution and, 2) said that lesbian and gay couples deserve legal recognition — just not extended to marriage — at this time. It’s why the Republican leadership pushed the bill through without any public debate or any legal scrutiny.

Now even the latest conservative polling org’s results show little evidence of thirst for a political witch hunt on the LGBT community. (NC Policy Watch):

The Pope Civitas Institute released the full results of its August poll this week and even with its flawed methodology, it found that less than half of the voters in the state favor a constitutional amendment defining marriage “as only between one man and woman.”

Forty-nine percent supported it, 43 percent opposed and the rest were undecided. That hardly sounds like widespread support and is the latest evidence that the theocrats may be in for a surprise in May.

The poll also asked voters what should be the highest priority for state lawmakers. Economy and jobs was the overwhelming choice with education the only other issue in double figures in percentage of voters who mentioned it.

The category “moral issues,” which presumably the pollsters believe includes gay marriage, was mentioned by only two percent of the voters.

The same conservative poll notably also finds that 44 percent of voters were dissatisfied with the performance of the Republican General Assembly. No jobs, jobs, jobs – the people are watching and seeing just how much the right wing fringe currently leading our state government is way over-reaching. The Republicans (and the 10 Democrats) who made this get onto the ballot, will pay for those votes.

All that said, our challenge is to get the word out about the impact of the amendment and to get fair-minded people to the polls in May.


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