A blog post by Chris Llienthal, originally published at Third and State.

Two Republican Pennsylvania state representatives, Thomas Murt and Gene DiGirolamo, plan to introduce a natural gas drilling tax bill that will support shared statewide priorities as well as local impacts and environmental protection.

Their announcement is part of the growing momentum in Harrisburg in support of placing a tax on drilling in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale. Unlike narrow “impact fee” proposals favored by the Governor and some other lawmakers, the Murt/DiGirolamo plan would benefit both local communities and the entire Commonwealth.

The bill would dedicate 29% of revenue to local government impacts and 27% to statewide environmental programs. The remaining 44% would support shared statewide priorities, including Accountability Block Grants that support pre-kindergarten and early childhood education, human services such as support for people with disabilities and victims of domestic violence, and investments in work training. View more details here.