The seriously diseased thinking that the propels the professional anti-gay movement really does go beyond the pale too often, and this is one of those times. (The New Civil Rights Movement):

Larry King, who was 15 when he was shot to death by Brandon McInerney, harassed and provoked his killer, according to Save California’s Randy Thomasson. Thomasson appeared on the Janet Mefferd Show yesterday, and denigrated not only King, but his teachers and parents.

Thomasson, the creator of “Protect Your Children From Harvey Milk Gay Day In Schools”?—?a lie– and hate-?filled campaign against the LGBT icon and his memory – also said that anti-?bullying campaigns are “indoctrination,” and warned parents to get their kids into good “godly schools,” or their children were?—?get this?—?“going to become liberal adults and call you bigots.”

Oh my, is Randy feeling harassed? And then he spills enough bile to fill a dumpster. The transcript is via People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch:

The homosexual activists are saying, ‘well we have to do this so that we won’t have another Larry King,’ now we’re not talking about the old former talk show host from CNN, we’re talking about a kid in Oxnard, California, who was about fourteen years-?old and he was shot dead by a classmate. Now Larry King was saying he was homosexual but he also was a cross-?dresser and he had a bad teacher who actually got him a girl’s dress and taught him how to put makeup on. And it came out in court that this boy was parading around in makeup and high heels in front of a classmate outside on a bench and the fifteen year-?old Larry King was walking back and forth and saying, ‘you know you want me, you know you want me.’ And there was a lot of anger that another teacher saw on the boy’s face who was being tautened, I mean who’s harassing whom?

This was a very disturbed boy who was being harassed, who was sitting on the bench, so when he was being harassed by King he went home and he got his dad’s gun and he came back the next day and he killed Larry King. But the whole point is, why in the world would you let two wrongs to be done? Murder is wrong, but allowing reverse harassment to be done and allowing teachers to actually dress up boys as girls, this is causing tension, it’s causing sexual tension, it’s causing emotional tension and this is not anything that goes along with the purpose of academics. This is social engineering. So whenever you hear ‘bullying’ from the homosexual activists, think indoctrination. And it’s coming to all fifty states, I’m sorry but it is one way or the other, get your kids into godly schools and do the sacrifice of time or money and realize that you only have a few years with your children, otherwise they’re going to become liberal adults and call you bigots.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding