I’ll start my diary with this vid of Mz. Collins singing the great Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention/Richard Thimpson) song that hits home more and more the older I get.

N hosses n hossettes, I’m here to tell ya that this tune when I was 16 left me bawling like a baby long back then, still does.


But the REAL purpose of my ramblings is that I read a great article about Mz Collins today. She’s got a new book and album coming out next month I think it is.

In the article, the author speaks with Mz. Collins by phone, and the dialogue is well . . . those of us who grew up with her know her story. Others might not, but the interview dialogue is plain sweet to read as her music is to listen to, lo all these decades. 72. Judy Sweet Judy Blue Eyes is 72. Where’d the time go?

Anyhoots, back to the article and why I thot it should be writ and posted here at MyFDL . . . here’s the link below, I THINK the link will take ya to page two of the article, where Mz. Collins answers a question posed to her about causes. If it does, make sure ya back up to page one and read it in full.

I also think that the great tragedies of our time is that 1 percent of the population has its hands on about 95 percent of the natural resources, financial and otherwise, in the world. That’s disgraceful in this country. And it’s disgraceful everyplace else it happens. And it’s getting to be more and more profoundly obvious here that our democracy doesn’t really conclude that people should be helped. So we’re losing our hold on the FDR social packages. …

N THAT’S what got my attention. We’ve known it all along I guess, she’s one of us, anti war, civil rights side by side with Mr. Seeger, Mz. Baez, n so many, many more in the 60’s n 70’s when many of us were in our teens . . .

So, here’s the story, it’s worth reading after the last couple of days we’ve had (bless Troy Davis n family) and it WILL make you remember, pause, think, and wonder . . . where DID the time go. Indeed.

Where The Time Went.

And because I can (h/t Da Kine!). ūüėČ

Sandy Denny’s Home Demo Of Where The Time Goes.

If that don’t bust yer heart n ass out bawlin like a baby, yer likely legally dead or a politician. N make sure you read the info below the youtube on that link, about this recording . . .

Bless All You Firebaggers, On We Trudge.

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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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