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Live Blog for #OccupyWallStreet: Day Six, Solidarity with Troy Davis

Between now and yesterday, there have been few significant developments related to the Occupy Wall Street action. There are still hundreds of people camping out in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan nearby Wall Street (the park which they have renamed Liberty Park). However, the Occupy Wall Street action did collectively feel a sense of pain and sorrow when Troy Davis was killed by the state of Georgia last night.

One interested in whether Occupy Wall Street is a “serious” action or not that intends to produce “results” will ask, what does Troy Davis have to do with Wall Street? On the surface, nothing—save for the fact that had Troy Davis been a rich white bank executive he would have been able to convince the criminal justice system to give him the proper review of improprieties in his case, which had gained increased attention after his conviction especially as his imminent execution neared.

The above video shows the Occupy Wall Street protesters chanting, “We are Troy Davis.” At the Occupy Wall Street website, a “communique” has been posted. It lists the occupation’s “one demand” (although the communique contains multiple demands so it is unclear what point is trying to be made, unless they want to inform the world they will not be unifying behind one singular demand).

The occupation can draw inspiration from Troy Davis and use it to keep the occupation energized but the occupation should finesse the reason for why they are making ending capital punishment a part of the struggle. Perhaps, they should highlight the class warfare waged by executives on Wall Street. The occupation can highlight how cases will not be opened against any individuals even though they have destroyed lives and perhaps pushed some Americans to death. They could contrast this reality with the racist criminal justice system in Georgia (and other states).

In any case, FDL’s live blog of Occupy Wall Street continues. Here’s a Twitter list to follow for the latest on the occupation.




12:30 PM ET I’ll be reporting from Occupy Chicago tomorrow. Will another occupation get off the ground? There are a number of solidarity occupations being planned and people will be trying to take parks or areas in other cities. If Chicagoans can find a spot to occupy and hold, this will be huge. But, remember, Rahm Emanuel is mayor and what does he think of activists?

12:20 PM ET Video from Thursday night:

11:10 PM ET Tonight was a significant night. The powers that be’s “divide and conquer” failed. Two groups that normally are not out protesting together converged. The “anti-capitalists” or anti-Big Banks crew or people protesting Wall Street were out marching. Then, supporters out marching in support of Troy Davis were marching and converged with the occupation bringing the number of people in the streets to over 1,000. The connection of these two groups could help the occupation become more energized and ensure it lasts even longer and actually taps into the community in NYC and achieves some real results.

10:39 PM ET Speaker speaks some harsh truths. He’s an African-American and he lets everyone know that the occupation has a lack of diversity and not many know what they are doing in the hood that the is from. He explains Mayor Bloomberg just cut funding for subsidized housing so 12,000 will be out on streets. Latinos, Asians and blacks are ready to mobilize if the people here just talk about issues they want to talk about. “Too little of us here because we don’t understand what this is all about.” Then he says, “You all look like a bunch of white kids who just lost the trust funds” and remind the crowd that black people have been having problems with student loans since the civil rights movement. This really addresses the issue of white privilege that may be holding back the occupation.

10:26 PM ET PSC Union marches into Liberty Park and says the union, from City University of New York (CUNY), supports the occupation. Speech given to the assembly (if video goes up will post here)

There was a jail solidarity march. People stood outside the jail demanding NYPD set those who had been arrested free.

-Report from on at least six being arrested in Troy Davis/Occupy Wall Street convergence (march)

-Police at Liberty Plaza

-Defending Wall Street from the marchers

10:09 PM ET A run down of what happened with the Troy Davis march & Occupy Wall Street meeting up with one another



6:54 PM ET Occupation at UC Berkeley right now in protest of tuition hikes. Details. [Follow @thejdmorris and @jpanzar for latest.]

6:52 PM ET Appears a march in support of Troy Davis about to converge with Occupy Wall Street march.

6:44 PM ET Anonymous is planning a “Day of Vengeance” on Saturday, September 24. Here is an excerpt from a press release sent to me:

Anonymous & the other cyber liberation groups around the world together with all the freedom loving people in the USA will NOT stand for this. We will peacefully yet forcefully resist the abuses of the NYC Police Department. And so Anonymous announces a nationwide “Day Of Vengence” to take place in dozens of cities
across the USA on Saturday – September 24, 2011 at High Noon.

In coordination with these protests across the USA on September 24th, Anonymous and other cyber liberation groups will launch a series of cyber attacks against various targets including Wall Street, Corrupt Banking Institutions – and the NYC Police Department. We encourage the media to follow the Twitter feed @PLF2012 for ongoing reports throughout the day.

And, here’s a video posted:

6:41 PM ET New York City free newspaper Metro posted this story a day or two ago on Occupy Wall Street. Read it because the reporters seem to think the protesters occupying are like the Bushmen of Southern Africa

6:36 PM ET Sam Seder of Majority Report does with National Lawyers Guild legal observer who provides his account of the action

6:24 PM ET Reports (and video streaming live) indicates a group of people took off for a march to possibly get near the news teams that are out covering Wall Street because the Dow dropped 400 points.

6:23 PM ET Another liberal blogger ridiculing Occupy Wall Street

5:15 PM ET Afternoon march to Wall Street completed. Police presence said to have increased. The police flanked the protesters as they marched. Does not appear to have been any arrests. The group marching returned to the park.

3:47 PM ET We are the 99% Tumblr

3:25 PM ET I have a crew here that is constantly posting updates to help me stay on top of the latest developments.

Via MayDaze: Here’s the link for donating to the occupiers.

Via Cahokia: A round up of media coverage of the occupation: Arab spring, American “fall”

Why Environmentalists Should Care About the Occupy Wall Street Protest

Demonstrators take to the street

3:23 PM ET

3:10 PM ET From earlier this afternoon:

2:20 PM ET From The Punk Patriot:

12:35 PM ET Keith Olbermann critiques the media’s coverage of Occupy Wall Street especially the absence of coverage.

12:30 PM ET Stephen Colbert on Wall Street under siege.

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