Racist Premeditated Murder Pits KKK, Obama Democrats & MSNBC against Pope, Carter, Tutu, Sessions, Barr, Basic Human Decency — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


The forces that be intend to kill Troy Davis in Georgia at 7 pm today.

Those of us who on principle oppose Racist Premeditated Murder must mobilize NOW to save this man’s life. It is our duty to immediately do our best to prevent our President from Conspiring with anti-scientific Right-wing ideologues to Murder an innocent man in cold blood, while supposedly acting on our behalf.


President Obama’s duty is clear!

President Ulysses S. Grant sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South. Of course, under Grant, we had Black Senators. Not anymore.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South.

Even President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South.

We must call and email the White House, urging President Obama not to take part in this Racist Premeditated Murder Conspiracy against Troy Davis. We must send copies of our Presidential emails to our Congressional Representatives in the US House. Mine is John Olver, a Liberal Democrat, very extremely Liberal, but sheepish and unlikely to challenge Obama, unless he hears from lots of us. We must urge our Congressional Reps to file Impeachment charges against President Obama if he does indeed carry out his implied threat to officially condone the First Degree Murder by refusing to send troops, as a responsible President would.

We can email this column, with its outrageously inflammatory headline, to the National Urban League and the NAACP, to the ACLU, Amnesty International, MSNBC, the White House, and every Democrat we can think of, especially President Obama’s most disgraceful apologists: Charles Schumer, Patrick Leahy, Al Franken, and Sherrod Brown. Those four got elected claiming to be “Liberal,” but now go along with the “Fascist Reforms.” Their clear duty is to go to Obama today and demand that he stop this Atrocity.

In its limited coverage of the evil devil worshipers’ human sacrifice ritual, MSNBC (the Fracking-sponsored fake Liberal outlet) and other networks keep showing the mother of the man whom Troy Davis is accused Murdering. This poor woman is obviously severely violently insane, ranting that Murdering Troy Davis will bring her “peace.”

Please, everyone who opposes Racist Premeditated Murder, call President Obama at 202-456-1111. Please email same via “contact us” window at www.whitehouse.gov. Ask your Congressional Representative to file Impeachment papers against President Obama if he does indeed help Racists Murder this man by “not getting involved.” Call and email these “Liberal” Congressmen/Senators demanding that they do what’s right: John Olver 202-225-5335/https://forms.house.gov/olver/webforms/issue_subscribe.htm/413-442-0946; Al Franken 202-224-5641/info@franken.senate.gov/651-221-1016; Sherrod Brown 202-224-2315/http://brown.senate.gov/contact//513-684-1021; Patrick Leahy 802-229-0569/senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov/802-229-0569; Charles Schumer 212-486-4430/https://schumer.senate.gov/Contact/contact_chuck.cfm/518-431-4070. rachel@msnbc.com




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