After being rolled on White House personnel (Van Jones, etc), health care reform (public option), GITMO, Wars, Financial Reform, Wall Street Bailouts, 2009 Stimulus, GWB tax cuts, 2010 budget deal, and the debt limit increase, 2008 Barack Obama is back and on the attack (lol). All those bad Compromises, Capitulations, Sellouts, “Back Stabbings”, and Republican policies were by “necessity” or not. But Obama is still operating within Republican limits, on Republican terms, and on Republican issues. The Obama 2012 campaign issue jobs plan has $200B+ in worthless payroll tax breaks that will not create jobs . Obama is still pushing for more bad free trade deals. Obama refuses to use his power to withdraw from NAFTA and the WTO. Obama refuses to challenge Chinese currency manipulations. Obama refuses to prosecute Wall Street Bankers, GWB “tortures”, and war criminals – Dick Cheney. Obama refuses to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. New “tough” Obama scorecard:

$200B+ in worthless payroll tax cuts and $200B+ in Medicare cuts

Lower tax rates on the rich

Increase Medicare copays

Cut Deficit

Jobs issue for 2012 Election

Tax issue for 2012 Election

9% unemployment

16% Black unemployment

14,000,0000 people unemployed

20 – 25 million people underemployed

46% in poverty

22% of children in poverty

And we are supposed to believe we have a new “tough” President.  Today, Obama and his worthless underlings are pressuring the rest of the world to oppose the UN Palestinian “state” vote. After two Wars, over a $1T spent, and the “Arab Spring”, our new “tough” President refuses to stand up to Israel and a few NY and FL Jewish voters that “may” vote Republican. We have an opportunity to act as a “true friend” to Israel and a “honest broker” for over a Billion Arabs but Republican presidential candidates may benefit if Obama agrees with the rest of the world so Obama capitulates as usual.  Yes, we have a new “tough” Presidential candidate – Barack Obama. Nothing else has changed. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt (That One).

Bin Quick

Bin Quick